Food Diary : Mang Inasal's Chicken Chicharon

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Being the voracious bitch that I am, you would've probably known by now that I love Mang Inasal. Not because the rice is unlimited but because I always feel satisfied when I eat there. I feel like P99 for a chicken is so worth it even when they haven’t had the additional things in their menu that they have now. And maybe the unlimited rice too, heh.

Oh, I remember there was one instance where I felt cheated. I’ve blogged about it before; it’s the Ginataang Kangkong which is such a rip off. I don’t want to talk about that now because I suddenly craved Spicy Paa and I'm not in the mood for a bitch fit! :/

Anyhoo, we had lunch there the other day. Yes, we did get traumatized by the kind of Ginataang kangkong that we ate but we still wanted to try some of the new items in their menu and that includes the Chicken Chicharon. After having the usual Paa meals that almost always order, I also had one order of Chicken Chicharon. I’d say for P39, it was pretty okay but it’s not that good. For P39 you get this plate full of Chicken skin I must say, and not the real Chicken Chicharon. Chicharon isn’t just made of Chicken skin, y’know.

This is how it's supposed to look like:

This is it in reality

I feel like it doesn't really differ from the photo in the picture except for the vinegar dip, it should look more exciting because the plain vinegar just doesn't work. It needs onions and chili. While eating the dish, I also had to add salt to the chicharon because the taste was too bland. Also, the chili was not originally there. Had to put one to spice up the dip a little bit. 

 I was actually thinking it's worth it at P39 because the stalls that we see in malls sell chicharon for P50/100g? I'm not sure of the quantity but if I shall compare the quantity of Mang Inasal's Chicharon to theirs, MI will be the winner. I think this dish in itself is a winner, just tweak it a little bit to suite your taste. Compared to the other new dishes that they have, you can already consider this one a winner. 

But then again if they are up against competing with Chic Boy, the new set of dishes that they have isn't enough because Chic Boy now has Japanese food in their menu! More on that in a different blog post, for now, enjoy the weekend folks! ;)

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