Come Away With Me : Manila Ocean Park

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A couple of months ago, Lovey and I went to Manila Ocean Park. I bought discounted tickets from my company and they were about to expire so we had to use them immediately. Good enough, we were able to find a compatible schedule and we paved our way into Manila Ocean Park.

We went there around 12 noon, right after my shift we had breakfast first and tried to rest for a bit for it's going to be a long day. From Makati we took a bus going to MOA and from MOA we took a cab. Heh. We don't know our way around Manila, you guise. Spent around P190 something on cab fare and we arrived there around 1:30PM.

This is how excited I was upon arrival. 
I dont know what these are called but they make up a good design for the park.

I guess bibi was more ecstatic than I am.

Bibi inside the Ocenarium
I suggest you don't go there on a weekend. If by any means you have free time on a weekday, please go there on a weekday. Because it's not just a leisure park, it's obviously an educational park, kids often go here on field trips and whatnots on a weekend so expect the place to be packed with rowdy kids.

Not that I don't like kids, I do like kids when they're all groomed up and behaved. The kids in Ocean Park? Don't ask. Aside from the  weird smell that they leave when they stick their faces into the glass, they're so noisy and they keep running around so it just ruins the experience for other people. What's more annoying are the kids' parents. There's a very big sign that if you want to take photos, make sure that the flash of your camera is off because that'll somehow irritate or stress the fishes. The parents/guardians despite being able to read kept on posing with the fishes and their cameras kept on flashing here and there! Bibi and I were irritated and we kept on pointing at the sign but they wouldn't listen.

I guess the best thing to do is not go to the park on weekends, not just to avoid the crowd but also to avoid the irritating Parents/Guardians who can't seem to understand a simple instruction in English
So, it was pictorial day for me. Meh. 
Thank you, tripod!
This is a very nice silhouette of my flat chest. Hahaha!
The oh so nice yogurt!

The sunset was very nice. It was the perfect view. Right when you're tired from all the walking you can just stay outside and look at the scenic view. It was such a simple sight but it was very breathtaking as you can see from the photos. It might not justify how the sunset was but I think you get the picture. :)
That's me! I look like a guy. LOL. 
In totality, I think Manila Ocean Park is okay. Not that good, not that bad either. If they can just clean the place a little more and make sure that the Dancing Jellyfish (will be discussed in another blog) attraction will be worth the money, it will be better. Plus, I hope they can also get more good-looking people as costumed cartoon characters. I didn't expect Tinkerbell to be so, err, nevermind. The experience was awesome thought for the day was spent with Lovey! No matter how grumpy I was because I lacked sleep, he was just there. Patient enough to buy me FroYo and make me feel like going there is not a bad thing after all.

Have you been to Manila Ocean Park? Share your stories with me! :)


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