The Maginhawa Diaries : Good Burgers

Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm supposed to be blogging about the food strip at Maginhawa St. but since I wasn't able to take a lot of photos when we went there, I'll blog about the dinner instead.

Last Tuesday Paul, Len and I decided to have a food trip at Maginhawa St. We agreed upon things on Twitter and Boj decided to tag along as well. We were supposed to meet each other at around 6PM but everyone was a little late that time so I think we headed to Good Burgers at around 7PM. 

Anyway, Good burgers have a not-so-wide selection of burgers. You can choose to have the veggie or chicken patty and have your burger at good, better or best for the size. I had the BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, tomato) burger and had it at its best. The burger had a double patty and the bun was a pandesal. Or so I thought. For me it would've been perfect if not for the bun. It's so soft and gets sticky as you chew it that's why it got stuck between my teeth.

BLT burger (best)
Paul and Len
After dinner, we went to Moonleaf Tea Shop for some, err, tea of course. Bunny arrived and ate the burger I got him. Talked about work and what have you. Moonleaf's location is too small and crowded. When I went inside to order, I can smell the stench of I cannot describe what. Maybe it's the sweat from the group of people inside the shop, because it was pretty crowded even if it was air-conditioned. If they can just have a wider and bigger space for people to be able to enjoy drinking their tea, and of course, some seats outside for those who smoke, it'll be perfect!

L-R (Nan, Len, Paul, Me and Boj) The boyfriend took this photo.
I guess I'll be touring Maginhawa St. more often now since I practically know where it's located. I also had a good read from The Inquirer about some of best places too eat at when your in Maginhawa St and I plan to visit some of those in April!

Any suggestions for my next visit at Maginahawa St? Tell me about it in the comments!

Good Burgers is located at  162 Maginhawa St., UP Teacher's Village while Moonleaf Tea Shop is at 44 Magiting St., UP Teacher's Village.


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