The Maginhawa Diaries : Jek's Ku-Bo Bulalo at Ulo-Ulo

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I'd like to apologize to my small space in the intarwebz for constantly failing to post stuff on a regular basis. Things have been chaotic plus I've been spending most of my time at work. Changes, a lot of changes at work. Real life problems I had to deal with before making love with my tiny space on the web. 

On to lighter things, I'm exploring my new neighborhood! Things are great in my new apartment, don't know just yet for the rainy season, but so far so good. 

One of the things I enjoy the most are the food joints along Maginhawa St., they're just endless! From drinking places to fancy restaurants, milk tea hangouts, etc.! Yesterday, the lover and I were craving for Bulalo and chanced upon Jek's Ku-bo Bulalo at Ulo-Ulo. 

This is their menu. Staples are  Bulalo and Ulo-Ulo hence the name. Their menu changes on a daily basis but everything is budget-friendly. Their menu board reminds me of Pizza Volante with less color and vibrance.

Spent the whole weekend with the boyfriend, too. Hello, lover! I want to say you look fat in this photo but I'll rephrase it by saying you look so healthy haha!

Their Bulalo was okay, not that good (at least for me) not bad either. It's not something I'd probably look forward to in the future. I mean, if your name has the word Bulalo in it, make sure that you have the best damn Bulalo in town since competition is steep. Their Bulalo 'practically' serves 2 people at P135.

Also, Bulalo is best served piping hot--ours was served, err, warm(?).

We also ordered the Lumpiang Togue which was served at P50 for 3pcs. For Lumpia, what sells it for me is the sawsawan. In this case, it was plain vinegar and the Lumpia wasn't actually great so it's a 5/10 for me.

We also ordered a serving of Leche Flan at P30, quite pricey just like Sola at P50.

If I were to commend this restaurant, I'll do so for the place. It looks fancy but not fancy enough to not make you come inside and try their specialties. They need to improve their Bulalo or it won't live up to its name.

Jek's Ku-Bo Bulalo and Ulo-Ulo 
Budget - P100 - P150
02 4347362 | 11AM - 10PM
#77 Maginhawa St., UP Village, Diliman Quezon City
Jek's Ku-Bo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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