Don't Break My Heart, My Achy Breaky Heart

Monday, February 25, 2013

It's been quite a busy February for me, can't believe the month is almost done and I've only had 2 blog posts! Sorry for ignoring you my own little space on the internet. Frankly, I've been lazy too and haven't thought of anything to blog about. If there's such a thing as blogger's block, I may have had it.

On to more important things, and as always, the highlight of most people's February--Valentine's day. When I was still single, it was a big thing for me--I would always wait for someone to give me flowers, chocolates, etc. Admit it, even if you didn't have a significant someone, you'd secretly wish for someone to make that V-day special for you.  But of course more often than not, that someone never came.

I'd like to dedicate this post to all the girls who waited until the right one came along. For those who haven't met the "one", I made a list of movies you should watch while waiting. This may take your mind off of the waiting for sometime, maybe forever.

Of course I'm joking!

There's nothing like watching this movie if you want to forget about that recent heartache you had with your douchebag ex boyfriend. Just imagine all the gore you have to deal with for almost 2 hours. I bet you'd realize that heartache was nothing compared to what these people must've had to go through.

If that heartache still lingers and watching the first installment of this movie didn't make any difference, go ahead and watch this film. The first installment involved 3 people whilst this involves more human being getting killed and sown, err, stapled as a part of the Centipede. No spoilers, reserving all the gore for you!

If you're still reading down to this number, my conclusion is that you've been waiting for quite sometime and a little gore doesn't really bother you. That or you really just have a pretty sick mind. This movie revolves around the life of a retired Porn star who was asked to do one last movie so he can secure a beautiful life for him and his family. But, it's not really a happy ending so...

I'm all for twisting your mind so you become heartless when the right one comes along, loljk. Of course not. If you can handle the gore and the useless stories, try this movie. It'll get you thinking and hopefully get your mind off of that guy who had you wait for 6 hrs on that stupid date. Buuut you waited anyway, so waiting after this movie isn't really a hassle, yes?

During workout, there's this thing we call cooling down after all the rigorous workout. In this set of movies, my cool down movie for you guys is this. Don't mind the photo, it's pretty deceiving. If you were able to get through all the the 4 movies, this will be like dessert to a 4-course meal. Oh, by the way, I hope you're not having dinner/lunch/snack while watching this movie, it's just---uuhhh, not advisable.

There you have it,  I hope I was able to prep you all single ladies for next year's Valentine's! I hope you'll have fun watching all these movies while waiting for Mr. Right. Oh, after all of them you may not even want to look for Mr. Right. You'll probably just crawl under your bed and wish that none of these psychos find you.

Of course, I'm kidding-again! Or not?

All photos are from IMDB. 

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