July 17, 2014

Kitchen Chronicles : Tuna + Tomato Pasta

Typhoon Glenda, also known as Rammasun internationally, shook and damaged Manila extremely hard. The skies just started clearing up earlier and I hope everyone's safe. I was smoking outside, around 4AM, when I first felt how strong the storm was. I had to put my cigarette out because I was slammed on the door due to the howling winds and the lashing rain--it was awful and a bit scary. I went back to my room shortly after to get some shuteye and I was awoken by the intense wind at around 7AM because I thought someone was banging the door. Apparently, it was just the wind. I couldn't get proper sleep after that so I started texting relatives and friends because I was starting to worry given the intensity of the storm. I couldn't sleep anymore because the electricity was out. 

After lunch, the boyfriend and I started feeling uncomfortable because it was starting to get hot and it was also quite dark so we decided to go out and charge our devices. Most of the restaurants and coffee shops along Maginhawa were closed but good thing Seattle's Best was open! It became our refuge until the electricity was revived around 9PM. We immediately went to the Supermarket to buy groceries because we didn't have enough food at home, and we were worried because another storm is about to hit the Philippines on Friday. Let's all be safe and ready!

July 3, 2014

The Maginhawa Diaries : Jeepney

Moving to Maginhawa wasn't easy for me. Tomas Morato has been my home for 3 years and being surrounded by bars, pubs and restaurants that operate 24/7 isn't actually a bad thing. But whenever I remember all the times I had to feel like a survivor just to get home while battling the rain, moving makes sense all of a sudden. 

Looking for a place close to work wasn't easy either. Sometimes I begin to think, why did I decide to work here in the first place if I had to endure all the evilness this place has to offer? Business-wise, Manila is a pool of endless job opportunities and aggressive career growth, but it's not a conducive place for a healthy and productive life--unless you're rich and can actually afford a nice place to live in. I have more to say on the topic but that deserves a separate blog post, back to the topic. Maginhawa is like a more laid-back version of Tomas Morato. There aren't a lot of establishments that are open 24/7 but the selection of places you can go to are eccentric and fascinating. One of which is Jeepney

June 23, 2014

Kitchen Chronicles : Miso Soup

If there's another kind of food I love more than Filipino food, it's Japanese! I love sushi, teriyaki, katsudon, name it and most probably, I love it. And any Japanese meal would be incomplete (at least for me) without Miso soup! It can be the cheapest thing on the menu and it can also be a bit pricey, depends on the restaurant really. Since I love it, I wanted to know how to make it. 

Before I proceed with the recipe, can I just rant about the weather? Earlier, there was a thunderstorm and I had to cancel a very important meeting. After an hour, the heat started to intensify making the weather ultimately humid. UGHHH! Buuuut, this recipe is perfect if you get one of those perfect and cold rainy morning, without the weather getting bipolar. Let's start!