May 18, 2015

Food Diary : Sagada Lemon Pie House

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you probably know that I recently embarked on a lovely trip to Sagada. It was a couple of months ago so I guess it's not that  recent. I haven't quite gotten around to blogging about the trip because I have over 900 photos to edit and upload and my sister is already bugging me! I'll probably do it in parts so it's not extremely lengthy. Just imagine me trying to fit 900+ worth of photos in one story, oh the horror. Let me start by sharing my food adventures!

While in Sagada, aside from exploring the place, pretending to be a food connoisseur was one of the things I took pleasure in doing. A lot of my friends who have visited the place told me that it's a food haven and that serving size if hefty given the price. My sister and I had a list of places we wanted to visit for breakfast, lunch and dinner but I was too tired from all the trekking we didn't get to visit all of the places on our list. Which, I think, is a good things though. All the more reason for me to go back to Sagada

May 6, 2015

Dear Future Self

Dear, Future Self. I hope one day you realize that life at twenty-something isn't so terrible after all. You win some, and you lose a lot. And that's not bad. I hope when you look back at all the mistakes you've made, the only thing that would resonate on your face is a smile, the warm kind of smile. The kind of smile that makes you wonder why you did those things but feeling happy and quite content nonetheless because you learned a lot along the way. I hope that you finally understand what all the pain is all about. I hope you recognize that no matter how tough it gets, the people who love you will always be there--no matter what. Lastly, I hope you finally learn how to love yourself. 

That was dramatic, lol. But I meant every word of it. I had one of the simplest yet happiest birthday celebration a couple of days ago. I ended up going to a spontaneous beach trip and I was also able to celebrate with family and friends, yay! My phone was ringing non-stop and I was annoyed like hell but then I realized just how much these people care to let me know they remembered my special day. I also got five different birthday cakes and I don't know how to consume them all because they're all my favorites! I was also surprised three times, so I guess it does help that I blog about the things that I want to happen as a subtle reminder to concerned parties, haha! I've mentioned several times that I loooooove surprises, so, you can only imagine how happy I am upon getting three albeit looking crappy and all because I wasn't prepared. Note to self, look good at all times on my next birthday in case of surprises, lol. 

April 30, 2015

Growing Old Is Getting Old

As I grow old, I realize my yearning for material things has diminished to a considerable capacity. I used to have a ton of things on my birthday wishlist, but now, I really can only think of the necessary ones. Of course I still have a few wants every now and then, but not like how I crave for stability, financial freedom and emotional independence. Oh wow, where did all that come from, lol. I initially wanted to celebrate my birthday at the beach but work is hectic as hell because of a pilot project I'm currently working on, so I'd have to make do with spontaneous plans and cheap thrills. 

As I grow older, I also realize that celebrating my birthday becomes less of a big deal. I used to go frantic over not being to celebrate a week before AND after the big day, but that's not the case now. I can plan a grandiose getaway and not push through with it, and that will be okay. Just like what happened this year. Every year, I think I mature little by little. Slowly, I'm learning that just like love, there's no one way or one day to celebrate life--and love for that matter. As a matter of fact a couple of weeks ago, I decided I didn't want to celebrate, but someone told me that being able to live another year is a reason to celebrate in itself, hence my little celebration on Monday. You can drop by my house if you want, we're going Korean for dinner! If you don't know my address that  means we're not THAT close, so you're not invited, lol!