August 21, 2014

Kitchen Chronicles : Chicken Stir-Fry

Can I just say I'm relieved because we're almost done unpacking and arranging our things at the new house?! It took us almost two weeks to finish everything because, work. Hahaha! I've been loosely using that phrase because my friends were ganging up on me when I didn't have work and I was still too lazy to do things. Now, I have a legit enough reason why I don't get things done! Ha! And as promised, I'll be telling you a bit about the new house--well, uhm, it's not really a house. It's more of a shoebox, really. 

So, the new work prompted the move. I don't like wasting my hours stuck in traffic so I asked the boyfriend if it's okay for us to move to a place closer to my work. And he agreed because the new place is also closer to his work! The new work is situated in one of the busiest part of the Metro, so, heavy traffic has become a part of my daily life, and it's annoying. I learned that life in QC is very "chill" compared to the one that we have here now. Heavy traffic is unforgiving enough not to spare weekends. Have I told you as well that hailing a cab is 10x more difficult especially when it's raining. I have to allot 5-10 mins so I'll have enough time to get a cab. But then again, is this what success really means? I don't know, and I definitely can't tell. I think moving to this company is a good choice, everything else around it though, I don't think so. But let's see, maybe this is bound to go somewhere. For now, let me share this quick and easy chicken recipe I discovered when the pantry was almost empty. Lol. 

August 11, 2014

Kitchen Chronicles : Spicy Miso Ramen

The weather has been crazy these past few weeks! Whenever I go out, I don't know what to wear because it can get extremely hot, windy and cold all throughout the day. It's making outfit planning difficult. But outfit planning is really the least of my concerns. The crazy rains and the terrible roads we have here in the Philippines has made travelling to and from work really difficult! And yes, you heard that right. I started with the new job two weeks ago. Which also means I'm a responsible tax-paying citizen again. I'm excited and scared at the same time. New people, new environment, new boss, new work and new colleagues. I'm not very fond of change but I hope this one does my career some good. I rarely make good decisions but I hope this is a part of the good ones. 

Being employed again after 2 months is a breath of fresh air because there are days where I'm so bored and I just want to start working again. But then again I have more days where I feel like, "Aaahhh this is the life!". When I was unemployed, I had the luxury of cooking what I want anytime I want it because I didn't have to rush out of the house to go some place. I also feel a bit sad adjusting to the new work and the new place (yes, we moved!). I'm overly attached to certain things, my old place and work included. I'll talk about that in my next post, for now, I have a series of recipes I experimented on when I was still enjoying the bum life. Meh. I already miss it, haha!  

July 17, 2014

Kitchen Chronicles : Tuna + Tomato Pasta

Typhoon Glenda, also known as Rammasun internationally, shook and damaged Manila extremely hard. The skies just started clearing up earlier and I hope everyone's safe. I was smoking outside, around 4AM, when I first felt how strong the storm was. I had to put my cigarette out because I was slammed on the door due to the howling winds and the lashing rain--it was awful and a bit scary. I went back to my room shortly after to get some shuteye and I was awoken by the intense wind at around 7AM because I thought someone was banging the door. Apparently, it was just the wind. I couldn't get proper sleep after that so I started texting relatives and friends because I was starting to worry given the intensity of the storm. I couldn't sleep anymore because the electricity was out. 

After lunch, the boyfriend and I started feeling uncomfortable because it was starting to get hot and it was also quite dark so we decided to go out and charge our devices. Most of the restaurants and coffee shops along Maginhawa were closed but good thing Seattle's Best was open! It became our refuge until the electricity was revived around 9PM. We immediately went to the Supermarket to buy groceries because we didn't have enough food at home, and we were worried because another storm is about to hit the Philippines on Friday. Let's all be safe and ready!