April 10, 2014

Kitchen Chronicles : Tuna and Broccoli Pasta

I'm not sure if it's professional to let it out and say, I'm not happy with my job. I okay with it, yes. But only because it pays the rent, takes care of the bills, takes me to places I haven't been to and gives me just enough to still help out my parents and my siblings who are still in school. I've been a little depressed at how I'm unable to figure things out. When I was younger, I always thought that when I approach 25, I'd already have a car and maybe a small condo unit, and you know, just live by as if life were that easy. Apparently, it's not. 

I am approaching 25, and what have I accomplished so far? I have managed to give money to my siblings whenever they need it. Treat my parents every now and then, help out with the expenses at home and that's it. I don't have any investment, and aside from my gadgets, I don't own anything at all. I'd like to say I have lived a frugal life for the past 5 years. I haven't shopped as much as I used to in college, if I have any guilty indulgence, that would be food--which is a necessity. But where did I go wrong? How come my ideal life isn't even close to my reality? It's really disheartening to look at what 5 years of work has done to me. I've been feeling this way for several months now and I can't seem to shrug this feeling away. Cooking is the only thing that keeps my mind off things.

Aaaaand, since this post is becoming lengthy and melodramatic, I'll stop. 

March 16, 2014

Kitchen Chronicles : V-Day Platter

I was supposed to go out last night and drink the fucking weekend away, but around 4PM I decided to take a nap. 16hrs later, here I am. Woke up to a barrage of texts from the friend I'm supposed to be meeting! HUHUHUHU What a wasted night! Anyhoo, I woke up starved and since I feel like crap from all that sleep, why not squeeze in a short blog post, yes? I'm starting to neglect my little online space again because of things in the real world. Too complicated and too difficult to explain, let's move on!
Seeing the title, this is obviously a long, overdue post but posting it nevertheless. The boyfriend and I rarely celebrate little months like counting how long we've been and so. I used to, but being the accountant that he is, he told me it's not practical. Every now and then he'd surprise me, but I never really expect anything from him because he can be the kindest and most understanding boyfriend in the whole, wide, world--but definitely not the sweetest! Hahaha! For this year's Valentine's day, we already agreed that we're not going out because of the terrible Manila traffic, payday Friday and a lot of schools were holding their Junior/Senior Proms that day. And as you can imagine, that'll be just hell for commuters and non-commuters alike. 

March 12, 2014

Kitchen Chronicles : Potato Salad

Woke up early today because the boyfriend kept on trying to ruin my sleep. We both have fucked up body clocks and unfortunately, they weren't in sync yesterday. Hence all the bullying while I was sleeping and he was wide awake. Couldn't go back to sleep so I made breakfast! We had Enoki mushrooms wrapped in bacon, scrambled eggs with basil, onions and tomatoes, broccoli salad and coconut juice!

Work this week was extra toxic and extremely difficult. Two months before my birthday and this lingering feeling of unhappiness haunts me every time. I know, I know. You'll tell me this happens every year, months before my birthday. I know that, too! But I can't seem to get rid of this annoying and unpleasant feeling. I just had a haircut, hoping I'm one step closer to finally letting go--of that dreaded feeling, amongst other things.