October 23, 2014

Kitchen Chronicles : Asian Style Noodles

I've missed cooking! Moving in the new place made me spend so much time on decorating and fixing the condo that I didn't have time to prepare our meals anymore. It also didn't help that our place is surrounded by several specialty restaurants that makes it convenient for us to just go down and eat somewhere. It was convenient, yes, but it was also pricey. My stomach felt odd after every meal, maybe I wasn't used to eating too much anymore, I don't know. But I decided to go back to cooking my own meals. That way, I know how it was prepared. You never know how sanitary these restaurants are anyway. Well, at least the ones near our place. 

I also had a severe case of stomach flu a few days back. I even had to call in sick yesterday because I couldn't stand properly. I think I lost too much water, so I had to hydrate before I felt better. All I did was sleep and it felt terrible. Once you've had too much sleep, you're going to want to have more. It's so addicting but at the same time it felt horribly wrong and uncomfortable after all those unproductive hours in bed. I just had to stand up and do something. Soooo, I cooked!

October 18, 2014

Bits + Pieces

I'm so thankful I finally had the time to update this blog! I was't extremely busy, my priority was on other things--at least for the past few weeks. We're still trying to fix things here and there while getting used to living in a condo. It's not high-maintenance or anything like that, just redecorations and buying more stuff so it finally looks like a house and not a shoe box. I don't think I've even had enough time for myself enough to gather my thoughts after our El Nido trip. I'm still hung over, y'know. 

So anyway, I've been forcing myself to finally edit all of my backlogged photos from earlier this year. I had to slow down a bit with all the cooking, blogging and editing upon moving in to the new place because there's just so much to do. Right when we thought we've finally settled in, there's always something that needs our attention and I hate that feeling. I wanted to fix everything first before finally getting back to regular programming. I was able to squeeze a post here and there but they weren't really well though of. I promise my next posts will all be worthwhile! Well, as if this one isn't, hahaha! Here's what's up! 

October 15, 2014

15 Movies That Will Always Stay With You

I've been tagged by several people to do this list, I wasn't really paying attention albeit rather wanting to start with my own immediately. I just thought it's a list I do not want to post on Facebook because each movie deserve its own justification and introduction. In this post, I want to encourage anyone who will read this post to share their own list as well. And tag me if you ever do so I get to explore your list too!

Before I begin this cruel torture, I want to mention that I have more than 15 on this list. These are the ones that immediately came to mind upon being challenged to do the list. Please note that I have personal reasons for putting these movies in here and not all of them are good and some of them are personal. Oh, and a quick side note, they are in no particular order and this one is text-heavy. You can quit reading if you want. Quitter, loljk!

A Serbian Film

This film will always stay with me because no matter how hard I try to forget it, it keeps haunting me. I don't hate the person who suggested this movie to me, because somehow, it opens a part of me to the different cruelties of this world. It may have been presented in an odd, grotesque and bilious way, but it does have a point. Things like this do happen. 

A Clockwork Orange

The concept is not as sick as A Serbian Film but it depicts a lot of disturbing scenes on psychiatry, juvenile delinquency, youth gangs and other social, political and economic subjects. It's such a brilliant movie if you put aside the uncomfortable repulsiveness of the lead actors. I'm used to that kind of violence since most of the TV shows I watch involves a lot of it, but I'm sure not everyone will be comfortable with it. Stanley Kubrick did such an amazing job with this film, hats off. Oh, and it also reminds me of Panic! At The Disco's I Write Sins Not Tragedies.