November 4, 2014

Food Diary : CBTL Breakfast

Moving to the new work place wasn't easy. I had to forget everything about my previous office (like getting up late and still making it on time) because Ortigas is just a different kind of hell hole. Traffic is difficult to predict any time of the day. I prefer going to work during the afternoon because I hate the daily commute, I don't like wasting my time in a cab just to get to work. I thought I can follow at least that drill once I'm settled, but wait, traffic in Ortigas seems to be worse in the afternoon! I tried going to work in the morning and at night and it's still the same infuriating problem. The only time traffic is not a pain in the arse is during the wee hours of the morning. 

Despite having to deal with the situation, I'm still relieved because we have some pretty awesome breakfast places around the new building. I've always gone to CBTL but not for the food. Whenever Starbucks is jam-packed and I can't seem to enjoy a cup of Joe in peace, I tend to frequent the place for it has a relatively quieter environment than SB. Little did I know that it has more to offer than my usual Pure Vanilla. 

October 28, 2014

5-Day B/W Photo Challenge

A dear friend tagged me on Facebook last week to do this challenge. It seemed pretty fun so, why the hell not? The premise of the challenge is to post one black and white photo for five days and tag someone each time you do so. I have to apologize for the quality of the photos, though. I just grabbed them off of Facebook and imported them to Blogger so, pardon the quality! Despite the quality, I reckon this set will be a good addition to my new blog design. I messed up my html code a few days back while trying to add a fancy gadget to my blog, and I ended up redoing everything! I decided to stick to a minimalist design so it's easier to rebuild from the ground up if I ever decide to mess up with my template again, lol. 

If you're reading this, I nominate you to do the challenge! It's quite simple, really. I like how it brought me back to memory lane and made me scour through tons of photos I almost forgot about. Reminds me that I have to have them printed out because sometimes, a digital copy just won't do. 

October 23, 2014

Kitchen Chronicles : Asian Style Noodles

I've missed cooking! Moving in the new place made me spend so much time on decorating and fixing the condo that I didn't have time to prepare our meals anymore. It also didn't help that our place is surrounded by several specialty restaurants that makes it convenient for us to just go down and eat somewhere. It was convenient, yes, but it was also pricey. My stomach felt odd after every meal, maybe I wasn't used to eating too much anymore, I don't know. But I decided to go back to cooking my own meals. That way, I know how it was prepared. You never know how sanitary these restaurants are anyway. Well, at least the ones near our place. 

I also had a severe case of stomach flu a few days back. I even had to call in sick yesterday because I couldn't stand properly. I think I lost too much water, so I had to hydrate before I felt better. All I did was sleep and it felt terrible. Once you've had too much sleep, you're going to want to have more. It's so addicting but at the same time it felt horribly wrong and uncomfortable after all those unproductive hours in bed. I just had to stand up and do something. Soooo, I cooked!