January 26, 2015

I'll Bleed For You

Sooooooo, I finally got a new tattoo! I hope my Mom doesn't read my blog 'cause I haven't told her yet, meh. I wasn't supposed to blog about the experience but I had a really awesome time during my session. Awesome enough to share here! This won't take long, I promise. I had the procedure done last Friday. I asked a friend to drive me to Dyun's place because it will be extremely inconvenient for me to take public transpo after it's done. We headed to Fairview (also FARview) and we got lost along the way but eventually found Dyun's studio. First thing he told us was to take our shoes off before entering his studio, I think that's very relevant.

Inside the studio, everything was so neat, clean and organized. I can tell Dyun is OC, lol. We talked about customizing my design some more and I had to rethink the area on where I initially wanted it. I originally wanted the design on my forearm but my forearm is so skinny it compromises the design. I like the fact that Dyun was educating me all throughout my decision making process. He was also telling me about possible repercussions should I choose to have an intricate design on a small area. Taking everything in consideration, I decided to have it on my lower leg instead. He printed the designed and placed the stencil on my leg. He asked me to look at it and check if I was satisfied, and hell I was. I love it! I told him that we should get it on, lol. 

January 22, 2015

Food Diary : World Class Persian Kabab

If you were to eat only three cuisines in your life, what would they be? A lot of people ask me this question all the time, and for the most part, I've always answered : Filipino, Japanese and Persian. I think at some point I thought of replacing Persian with Italian cuisine, but no, can't let go of my beloved Persian addiction. Though I was wondering if I had cheat days, I would definitely go for Italian.

When I was still lurking at the bottom of the pit called the corporate world, my friends and I would frequent this Persian place along E. Rodriguez because of the price and the food. That was before I discovered there's a whole different planet of Persian restaurants out there. Aaaand, that was about 4 years ago. I think my palate has matured since then. Even if the food seems mediocre at best, I still have a certain affinity for this place because of the memories built around it. Even if I say the food is mediocre, it surely is worth the mediocre amount of money you'll spend. 

January 11, 2015

New Essentials x SB 2015 Planner Giveaway

I've always had ugly skin. I have 3 sisters and they all have the perfect skin and complexion that sometimes I wonder if I was adopted, loljk! But I wasn't kidding about the part where I have ugly skin. My face was pretty low-maintenance until College. I started having really bad breakouts during my first year and sort of had this epiphany (lolwhut) that I need to take care of my skin. Back then, taking care of my skin meant a facial cleanser and a basic moisturizer. Well, that actually went on until last year, haha. Thanks God for friends who look after you, even if that meant criticizing every inch of your face. Before 2014 ended, I consulted a dermatologist because I had two unflattering red dots on my face and they won't go away! December was the time I wanted to hide from my friends and avoid any client presentation as much as possible because I felt uncomfortable with those two red dots looking like  targets on my face. I was told to go through the whole shebang : a regular facial, a deep cleansing facial and an anti-acne treatment. I felt like they were more painful than when I was having my tattoo done! I suddenly remembered why I don't like going to the dermatologist!

With that, I was also prescribed after treatment care. Everything was so tedious that I swore I would start taking care of my face and my skin so I won't have to ever go through everything again. It also didn't help that I had to make those appointments during the busiest month of the year! Traffic was unforgiving and setting up an appointment was a pain since everyone seemed to want to look beautiful before the year ended. Anyhoo, those two big red dots (as seen on my Christmas and NY photos) are almost gone and I'm relieved that I can finally go out without having to think too much of what people are saying when they see me, lol. Anyhoo, I've decided to share my new beauty regimen, and yes, I've graduated from the basic cleanser + moisturizer phase. Please don't laugh at me!