The Maginhawa Diaries : The Burger Project

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I remember being so bored in the morning shift that I randomly asked people if they want to have dinner or drink with me or something that would make the loneliness of my nights go away! One of the things that I did when I was in the morning shift was eat out at night. I'm usually done at work by 5 or 6PM and I don't have anything to do at home so either I end up rendering OTY or  going out with friends. The former happens most of the time.

Last week though, Paul and I had something planned for one of the evenings and since he was craving for Burgers, we went to The Burger Project with Len. I didn't have time to take photos of the tiny, adorable place because I was busy smoking.

Sorry for the blurry photos, I had a 50mm with me.
This is the burger I ordered. Once you get in they're going to give you a clipboard with a tiny piece of paper where you can check all the things you want to include in your burger. I was checking multiple toppings and patties all at once so when I had my burger totaled I had like around P370, I had to uncheck the unnecessary toppings. Hahaha! Because this is actually more than enough, if I had what I primarily checked, that would probably look like a Sky Burger.

Paul's scattered burger. haha!

My burger was supposed to contain a 100% Angus beef but it tasted quite flat, honestly. I wasn't that tasty, I'm not really sure if Angus beef is supposed to taste like that but if it does then I don't like it. The only ingredient that saved this burger was the onion rings and the BBQ sauce.

Paul savoring his burger.
I brought a gorillapod for this shot. meh. 

After dinner, we also had tea at Moonleaf but only as a breather. We didn't take stay there for long, we headed home afterwards. It was a fun night! I enjoyed catching up and hearing stories about school mates and delusional people. Kidding. Haha!

Have you done anything exciting this week? Hope you have a happy weekend!


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