Lazy Daisy : Grown Ups

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I decided to have a sub-category for the films I'm going to kind of review here but since all of them are just like summaries or in a nutshell sort of storytelling, I decided to name it Lazy Daisy! Hahahaha! It doesn't make sense but I like it 'cause it rhymes. Plus I don't want to put in a serious title like movie review because if it's in my blog, expect me to put in something personal to that post. And that's not how a movie review should be like. I think Lazy Daisy will work fine.

I have yet to put in here some of the good movies that I've watched but I guess we'll start with Grown Ups. I thought of watching this movie because I'm having some sort of Quarter-life crisis as of the moment and I don't really know if it makes sense. It has something to do with my job, really. I don't know if this is the industry that I have to be in. I don't want to waste my time investing knowledge and resources on something that won't actually make me happy. What makes me stay in this job though are the friends that keeps my stay worthwhile. I guess I have to think about that pretty seriously, for now let's go back to Grown Ups.

So, 5 guys who used to be Basketball team mates/BFFs during their Elementary years have a reunion after their basketball coach, who taught them everything they need in life or so I thought, passed away. Of course you have to expect the various differences that they've become. One becomes so popular in Hollywood and gets married to a hot woman, another has a fetish for old, weird women, a third who looks like he has a normal family, a fourth who also looks like he has a normal family but not to mix them up, they made him black, and lastly we have the guy who's still single.

So this is Rob Schneider's daughter

So, in a nutshell, they see each other and catch up on everyone's life. They simply realize how much they've been missing on life because of technology, work and lots of other stuff that we think makes our world go round. They spend some days in the cottage and make a lot of realizations and funny moments before returning to their respective homes.

Overall for me, it was a good movie. In a comical way it tells you that life is not defined by the material things that we're currently surrounded right now. You don't need a fancy reunion or a person close to you pass away before you realize all these things. Look for something that makes you happy and interact with people as much as you can, you never know when they'll be gone.

For someone who values materials things as my breathes, I can't believe this came from me. But i really liked it, I watched it with Bibi and he kept saying that it might've been purposely made for me. I'd just shrug that off but I guess a lot of people will find this valuable.

Up next, I think I have Machete.


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