Po-po-po-poker Face

Monday, September 26, 2011

Taking care of my face is something I never got used to. Yes I do the occasional cleansing whenever I take a bath, but moisturizer was a total stranger. I started taking care of my face when I became a part of the working class. I started to notice lines and craters, as I call them. I recently read from a friend with flawless skin that she's switching from baby powder to pressed powder. Being the inggitera  that I was, I eventually tried the product that she mentioned in her blog, and that is Maybelline's smooth all-in-one face powder.
Okay, so I cheated a bit. hahaha! I have lipgloss on the 2nd photo. Lulz.
After using Maybelline' smooth all-in-one face powder, people started noticing my face in 2 different perspectives. The first one would probably say that the lines and pimples on my face aren't as obvious, while the latter would state that my face looks too fair/pale. I think overall as a product, Maybelline was a good choice. It doesn’t come out cakey and it’s also very fragrant. The disadvantages though were purely external. First off, I think I started with a color that’s way too light. I don’t really know how to choose a color that will match my skin so I just went with the one that matched my hand’s color. Which I think is a wrong gauge of the color of powder that you’re going to put in your face. Yes, I saw a tester but I didn’t want to use it. It looked stinky and filthy. Next time I think I’ll try a different color and see if that works for me.

I'm also looking for something that can probably hide my eye bags. Working in the BPO industry with a shifting schedule makes my eyes look tired like hell. Halp!

For the meantime, I’m trying to be cautious when I dab on some face powder so that I won’t look soaked in it. In Filipino we actually have a term for that, we call it mukhang espasol. Say for example you see someone with overflowing face powder that it doens’t even match the color of her neck, we usually say, “Yung babae mukhang espasol.” Espasol is a native delicacy from Laguna. Okay, so I'm thinking of situations where I was undoubtedly mean in connection to the context but let's not go there.

And because I'm vain like that, and I haven't taken photos of my face for quite a while. Here's a self-portrait spam!

I like love to pout.

I'll just leave this here so I can always look back at my 22yo self and see how stressed I was because I didn't like what I was doing. If you have anything that you can suggest that'll help my eye bags, please do so!  Drop me a comment or an email, I'd appreciate it!

Have a lovely week, looking forward to Friday!


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