The Asian Guy Bids Goodbye

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I hate goodbyes. I don't like goodbyes even for a short while. I like seeing the people I love around me, or often with me. That's how selfish or lovable I am. Depends on how you see it.  Given that, one of the few people I enjoy being with at work just resigned. It hasn't really sinked in that  I won't be seeing this person on a daily basis nor go down and smoke with him during breaks, but one thing's for sure, I feel sad. I know it'll get worse as the days go by, but then again attachment is one of the things I'm really good at, moving forward/on is not. But then again, let's see how it goes. We'll still be seeing each other, not that often though. I'm going to miss you, Small Asian Guy. :)

Nomnom Pizza!

The triplets!
 We decided to have his Despedida at Shakeys in T. Morato because I live nearby. It's easier to go home with a full stomach. Hehehe We also had matching tumblers as going away presents!

 The food was delish but we spent most of our time taking photos with each other and just taking about nonsensical things. Something that we do everyday.

Can't get enough of the Asian guy!

One last photo, for the road :)
I'll miss you, CG! Don't forget to visit, oh and our monthly rice allowance! Haha Ciao for now my friend!


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