Driving My Life Away

Sunday, September 11, 2011

How have you been guys doing? I had a hectic week because I'm back to the AM shift and this is gonna take me a month ( no night diff.)! But I guess it has it's perks as well 'cause I can go on dates and night-outs every single day! Yay!

So, updates! I left my SLR in Pampanga so I had to endure the 2MP resolution of my phone cam which is the only one I pretty much have right now. My Sony W-200 was borrowed by my sister for Bio stuff and documentations. Moving forward, let's get it on!

1. The Evolution of my Bruise

I don't really know why my bruise got this far. i just bumped my knee into the door while I was running away from the dog. Next thing I know, it's getting bigger and darker and more scary! Hep! Any tips on how I can make this fugly bruise go away? I can't wear skirts as of the moment. :(

2. Being healthy and Living healthy

I started to forget about going in a diet a couple of months ago. I don''t think it's worth it anyway. So I started eating the way I used to. 2 cups of rice for breakfast, the same for lunch and sometimes 2 cups for dinner as well if I'm really hungry. I think it has the same effect anyway. Hehe I'll just go back to jogging.

3. Growing Up

I've graduated from Baby powder, finally! Well, I decided to do so upon reading Len's blog. I read about Maybelline's clear, smooth, all in one shine free foundation and decided to try it. I read from the label it's specifically made for SE Asian type of skin so I thought this should work with my oily face. I started using it and it indeed made a difference. I don't know if it's the brand or the foundation in general but I like how my face looks with it. Also, I switched from using Nivea's Cherry gloss to Nivea's Fruity Shine in Pomegranate. It smells and almost feels like delish as well! But of course I dare not eat it. Haha!

4. Dinner Dates with Lovey

Yes, because I'm currently in the AM shift, I get to have lots of dinner dates with Bibi!
  1. ) Banoffee Pie from banapple for our 45th Monthsary <3
  2. ) Bunny eating Bonchon Chikan!
  3. ) Pic from Banapple <3
  4. ) We ordered 3 sets of meal from Bonchon. 
  5. ) <3
  6. ) Baked fish from Banapple
  7. ) Smoked Hickory BBQ
  8. ) Banoffee pie <3

Since he works at Makati and I'm currently in Commonwealth, we had to meet halfway and that halfway means SM Megamall. Yeah, I know it seems unfair but I always arrive before he does, he blames the traffic. So during our monthsary, he picked me up to make up for it. How sweet. <3

5. Weekend date with Polly

Since 2 of my siblings are in Baguio, Polly and I usually spend our weekends together at home. This weekend I decided to bond with her and go shopping.
  1. While waiting on the line so I can withdraw moolah. We need to be fueled!
  2. Shopping haven---at least for us! Spent almost 2k at this store buying cute stuff. Hehe
  3. /  3.1 Late lunch gone so fast!
  4. /  4.1 My cameras new friends, a remote and a gorillapod!
  5. /  5.1 Sissy has her eyes on this fancy Halloween costume which actually matches her top.
  6. /  6.1 I was supposed to bring this dining table home but my Mom wanted to see it first just to make sure I don't spent money on something that's not worth it. 
  7. Dessert at White Hat. 
  8. I had a haircut which doesn't really make a difference. 
There you go! It was a pretty hectic but awesome week for me. being busy means being more productive or at least having something to do with your time.

How was your weekend? Hope you had a lovely one. Happy Sunday!

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