Torn Between Two Lovers

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I instantly became an Apple fan ever since I held my first Apple device. It was an iPhone 2G, sold it for half the price so I can spend my birthday looking at the sunset with my lover. Ooh, young love. I know it was stupid but that birthday was priceless. 

I'm using an iPhone 3G and I'm thinking of selling it so I can upgrade but as the title says, I'm quite torn, not with two lovers but with 2 loves. I want to go for the iPhone 5 but it's not practical since you only get to have the LTE as a major difference. Every other change is very minor, at least for me. I'm not very OC when it comes to the nitty gritties, if I missed a major difference between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4s, please tell me as I'm really sleepless because of this. Lol, too much but yeah, somehow.

The iPhone 5 looks so dreamy! I've had the chance to use it too since my friends availed of the jaw-dropping offer from Globe. I'm not impressed though as a cheap plan won't actually compensate for crappy 3G connection which is the main reason I'm getting this fruity smart phone.

On top of being sleepless because I don't know which phone to get, there's also the battle of the networks. Should I go with Globe or Smart? I've tried Smart's 3G connection and it is faster than Globe when I was in Eastwood, can't guarantee other areas. The thing with Smart is, their postpaid plans suck! With Globe, you get crappy connection but you get the phone technically for a really good price. I guess we don't really get everything in this world, yes? Oh. Decisions, decisions. It's so hard being an adult, I'm typing everything spontaneously as I really want to get myself an early birthday present.

I should stop. Sorry for all the babbling, what I really to say is, I need help. Do I need an iPhone 5 or can I settle with the 4s? Will all that I've mentioned in consideration, what do you think?

Photos via the Apple website


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