Moving Out, Moving In, Moving Now!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I've been trying to move out for the past 3 years but never had the courage to do so, attachment is one of the reasons and of course, laziness. This year, I wanted to make sure I start fresh and somehow free myself of the things that were somehow holding me back. 

The boyfriend also did a good job in encouraging me. He was there all the way, from looking for a place to transferring all my stuff in the new place. Here goes bits and pieces of my new haven! It's still a mess but I'm working on making it a safer haven. Lol.

That's my room, still a chaos but I'm trying to find time to create peace in this hell hole, it's a hell hole until I get everything fixed. During my first day, I had to sleep through all this mess, can you imagine? Ugh!

That's the boyfriend's arm, he thought it was cool to include it in the photo since he did all the moving by himself. Haha! Mind you, it was difficult to move everything because we don't have a car. I had to hail 2 cabs so we can accommodate everything!

An old accessory and a strand of hair. Lol.

This is how I keep my accessories organized, my bracelets/bangles and rings for that matter. I have a separate place for my earrings because they tend to get lost in translation when I keep them here.

My bed! Please don't laugh with the thought that I'm sleeping on the floor. Lol. I'm laughing, but I have some sort of Japanese mat just so I'm not sleeping directly on the floor! I intend to buy a bed frame when it's well within my budget. Did you know that a mattress is so expensive? I didn't know that until I moved out, I thought it just comes with the house! Haha!

My closet is like 20% from completion. I've managed to arrange some of my clothes but the boyfriend insisted on folding them again because according to him, "Parang hindi closet ng babae!"

This one is our gorgeous living room and a part of the dining area too. As you can see, we have a freakin' bar! How nice, I also haven't told you how nice my bathroom is--which is a pet peeve.

On my next post, I'll be giving out tips and pointers you have to take note off before moving out. I've committed a lot of mistakes when I moved out, I wouldn't want that to happen to anyone else because it involved a hell lot of money wasted on unnecessary purchases. Ugh. I don't even want to think about it!

If you're still reading this part, hail you gracious reader. Thank you! This is a personal blog that's why I talk a lot about myself, if you find yourself getting tired of that, this is not the place where you should be. Kidding!

Happy Thursday!


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