To The Moon And Back

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I have a lot of acquaintances but only a few of them I consider as friends. I've been betrayed in the past when my life was an open book and I mistook everyone as a friend. Experience taught me never to trust people just because they listen to you, it takes more than listening to earn someone's trust, make sure they don't turn their back on you when you need them.

When I entered the BPO industry, I didn't have anyone but myself. Coping in this fast-paced industry is difficult unless you have the kind of friends that I have. Someone who's willing to take you on your bitchiest moments, someone who can stand your rants while PMSing, someone who's going to have breakfast with you because you eat like a fucking pig. In totality, someone who's going to be there for you no matter how crazy of a bitch you are.

Thank you for being there, always.

Happy birthday, Dan!

I know this is too cheesy for a birthday greeting pero wag ka ng umarte dyan, minsan lang 'to!

You're a good friend but your rough road of a face is really difficult to photoshop. Loljk. I'll let this one slip since it's your birthday, shawty. We gonna drink Bacardi 'cause it's yo birthday, Bitch!

I love you to the moon and back!

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