Rock and Roar!

Monday, April 04, 2011

As my former LOB (line of business) started to face a lot of challenges, my promotion also was in the works so even if the LOB was in a critical situation, I had to leave. It was sad thinking I owe a lot to the LOB, I learned everything there. I would've wished to just be transferred to the same Account but God knows how my productivity and efficiency will be since a lot of people there know how to "help" newbies, if you know what I mean.

So apparently, our manager also had plans of moving on but I better not discuss that anymore. In lieu with that, we planned a team building,/going away/reunion party. That is too strengthen the team's bond given the kind of challenges they're faced with right now. This happened last week, the rest--its history!

Yeah, that's our team. Well, half of it!
I miss them, it's fine that I got re-assigned to a different site it's just that, not seeing them on a daily basis and not talking to them during break time feels weird.

Even the people on LOA came in for the team building!

Reunited with my brothas from anotha mothaaaass!
Dinner was served around 10PM, we had grilled food like Tilapia, liempo and such. We also had adobo and siomai. I didn't take any photos for I was already hungry as well and my main objective was to get drunk.
Our pool
The house/pool that we rented looked like it belonged to a rich family before and then they got bankrupt or something because the house doesn't even have furnitures anymore and I saw that the structure of the house is almost ready to collapse if not for the people who maintain it. It kind of looks more scary at night. But well, that's just my theory, something Dan and I concluded while smoking.

The creepy Tree house
When I saw the tree house I though It'd be a good place for a date or some sort of adult material, but then again at night it feels oh so scary. But when CG, Dan and I were a bit tipsy (Dan got tipsy from the iced tea), we had a long talk there and it's not creepy at all. We smoked and laughed and joked about random things we used to talk about when I was still with the account. It felt good to just stare into the dark and see the stars while talking to your real friends. Oh, tears, This is just so gay!

We played around like monkeys at the tree house!
As always, CG looking stoned, Dan trying to look fierce but not even close to being one, and just my smiling self. Yay!

CG stop slacking!

For breakfast we had beef noodles and corned beef, yumyum! Just enough to cure our crazy hangovers. Well I guess in this case it doesn't show that it helped CG that much.

Then we saw this playground and we played like little kids! But well, that was after I had a lot of my photos taken. Being the crazy bitch that I am, I always want my photo taken first. Hahaha!

Yuck my hair is sooo ugly
Of course I won't let the shoot pass without having an emo / lonely girl moment. Something I can surely make us of once I'm down and depressed again so it can convey my real emotion. Haha kidding.

Our SMEs tattoo
The Organizer
CG and his double chin
Bun in mono. In PP language what I call gritty!
Hunnybunny is so pogi, no? Well, I'll leave the answer to myself. Hihi
And the rest of the night was filled with booze, fun, laughter and polygamy. Can you believe it? I'm not the kind of person who will shut up, sorry. Face me 'til you can explain why you have to settle with a lot of other people when you're in a freakin' relationship. But anyway, that's another blog!

So the team went home drunk and filled to the brim. As for me, Dan, CG and Hunbun we proceeded to Starbucks to talk about the good times. We don't have time for bullshit.

But, but, but still I love XOG-PS, we will continue to Rock and Roar! <3

See you soon, guys!


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