Fuck Me Pumps

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I was browsing through Tumblr when I saw this lovely pair of open-toed pumps. I know there's a small chance it'll be available here in the Phils, but there' a bigger chance that there's totally something that looked like it. So, I was wooing bunny to buy me a pair as a post-anniversary gift. We celebrated our anniversary last December, too late I know, but still manageable as a gift, right? Hahaha!

Before everything went under control, I had to make tampo so I can convince him to buy me a pair and---

I've gots me a new pair of pumps!

4.5 inches of glory

Before I ended up with this pair, bun and I had this convo at FB. We were arguing a little bit if he should get it for me or what, I also have the original pair I was lusting for in the photo. This one will work for me though, I like this pair way better!!!

You have to show your power
I don't know if I'll be able to use this in the office because my job requires to walk back and forth from one building to another, but If not, I can always use it for sexy time with Hunbun! Hahaha! In all fairness, they're not that hard on my feet, I tried walking in them for a good 15 minutes and my feet didn't hurt. I'll try to do a dry run tonight and see if it'll hurt.

I sooooo love my new pumps!
Thank you, Bunny!!! <3
As of now, I'm really loving my pumps and even if they hurt or not, I'll keep walking in them like a boss. And, and, thanks a loooooooot Hunny Bunny for the gift, I really adore it! <3

Remember, one of the staples that a girl must have would be a pair of black pumps! Now go get yours!

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