Food Diary : Banapple - Katipunan

Monday, April 25, 2011

Last week, we had Dan's post birthday celebration at Banapple, exactly a month after his actual birthday. The last time I saw Dan and CG was during our LOB's team building, and since I got up a notch from the ladder, seeing them everyday seems a bit unlikely.

Good thing we had a sort of pinky promise to still see each other once or twice a month, and a better thing is that it's materializing. You know, it's not one of those pinky promises that gets buried six feet under. I love these guys, it's with them that I feel not only like a princess, but that I'm not a corporate monkey after all.

Dan's birthday slice
The birthday boy
We had breakfast at Banapple in Katipunan. I was actually trying to opt for their Tomas Morato branch but according to Dan they open at 10:30AM. Banapple for me had a reasonable price considering the amount of serving they had for each dish. The pastries and the cakes have well-deserved prices as well.

The waiting time was ample given the food that we ordered during that time of the day. I noticed that their serving was huge, which I didn't bother to complain about(duh!), but rather adored with another plate of extra rice! Nomnom, now why don't I ask myself again what I did to my body in 2009? Hahahaha!

heavenly breakfast as they coined it
My blueberry cheesecake
I don't remember what this cake was called
Dan blowing his cake
And now, back to regular programming with more photos of myself. It's my blog anyway. Hahaha!

Next stop is my birthday, 22 things for an epic 22! Yay!

Banapple is located at 225 Katipunan Ave., Blue Ridge. Quezon City, Metro Manila.


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