I'm Twenty Two I Don't Know What I'm Supposed To Do

Monday, June 13, 2011

After being on hiatus for almost a month, I've decided it's time to come back because I simply miss blogging and I haven't updated my blog for the longest time. Wait, not really because last year I had a hiatus which lasted for 7 mos or so., can't remember but it's longer.

So, moving forward, I have a lot of stories to tell! It was my birthday last month so I also made it a point to spend less time on the innernet, though I missed it so much, so I can make the most out of my birthday. Because honestly, If I were online last May, I would’ve rather spent the month stalking people and downloading porn rather than doing last minute preparations for my 22 before 22 list.

Snap back to where I left off, that was April when I last talked about Dan’s birthdays. 9 days after that was MY birthday! Yay! I had a non-celebratory kind of birthday. Nothing fancy because I had to go to work that day, the boyfran and I tried to make the most out of it. It was a Wednesday and we badly wanted to celebrate right at the date itself so the boyfriend, being the mature and patient one in the relationship suggested that he’s going to wait for me at Starbucks until 12mn so we can be together. Spell effort and I can only think of one person, my boyfriend! Mind you people, he’s on a 7am-4pm shift while I’m on a 10pm-7am shift, so he really had to wait and be awake even if it’s late. It’s not the first time he did that though, before, he used to wait for me for 10 fuckin’ hours just so we can be together. I just realized how much torture it is to wait that long, but he did that. Not once or twice but several times, I have the most patient boyfriend evaaaar! Can I say that again? Hahaha!

Our date was supposed to start at 6pm so we can still watch a movie but I woke up late so I reached Shaw at around 7. I’m so irresponsible I made him wait again.

Photo quality sucks! But I had the best birthday gift so who cares :)
Phone is old but reliable

Happy birthday to me!
Boyfraaaan with the humongous nostrils! I <3 you!
Kisskiss you, lovey <3
Finally at 12mn, I get the best birthday gift. :')
I’m sorry for the photo quality, I used my phone to snap some shots because it’s a annoying to bring my bulky camera, and I was wearing heels back then. So, we had dinner at Yellowcab simply because it’s close to the office. I had Spicy wings with blue cheese while he had Charlie Chan pasta plus Sola for both of us, which I think is, of course, way expensive at Yellowcab. It costs P60 for a bottle, and only P38 at our pantry. What a capitalist, tsk.

Anyhoo, we had coffee after that then waited til 12 midnight for my birthday kiss! How mushy. I got a new camera bag as a birthday gift. Well I was lusting for this zebra-print camera bag online and never actually had the money to pay for it then voila! It got delivered at home, I’m passionately in love with it!

Orea cheesecake, my birthday slice. No candles though :(
Spicy chickan!

Bibi's pasta

My new camera bag! Yay! 
Purrty, Purrty! It can accomodate even my extra lenses!
There you have it, the first of a series of merriment for my birthday! I've had a lot of fun last month thought I felt a little unfulfilled but that's something work-related. Will blog about that some other time. Tata!

How are you guys doing? Update me and have a happy week ahead!


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