Hello, February

Monday, February 06, 2012

A month or so to go, i'll officially celebrate a year of assuming a different role with the company I'm currently with aka I've would have been promoted for a year in a few more days. Wow, that was a long and complicated sentence just like my life. It feels like I've been working for a long time (wow! it's only been 2 yrs) and everything is just not paying up. I won't deny that I've thought of transferring to a different company but wait a minute, venting here doesn't look very professional so let's stop at that.

Let's just talk about February. I remember seeing one of my friends in Facebook post something about people who are single who kept on whining whenever this time of the year comes. There are those who have been single for the most part of their lives too yet doesn't get tired of telling people how miserable their lives are without a special someone in this not-so-special month. I must agree that it's difficult not having a special someone on rough and difficult times, but dwelling on the fact that you haven't found that person yet on a February is just too much.

And of all months, why February? Is it because a most, if not all couples are out on a date? Or is it because we call it the so-called-"love month"? Regardless of the reason, you should not think about being forever alone nor pity yourself this time of the month just because you don't have a date or a someone to kiss and hug. You might say it's easy for me to say all these things because I'm currently in a relationship, but no. Yes it's difficult to be single at times but it's not all that. I've had my fair share of years with single hood and it wasn't that bad. I had awesome friends, we had awesome group dates and intellectual yet fun conversations. It's all about perspective! I won't even go out on the date with the boyf on February 14. I'll probably spend it with some friends at a buffet restaurant pigging out. 

If there's anything that I look forward too during this month, it's not February 14. Let me give you a peek of the things I'm looking forward to this month. Try to attend some of these events and you just might do yourself a favor!

1. 6th Aurora Surfing Challenge
This goes on from February 9-12, it's not too late to file for your leaves!

2. The 17th International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
As always, it will be held in Clark, Pampanga. So close to our home that's why I always look forward to the event. It has the same date as the Surfing competition though. 

3. Chocolates on sale on February 15th!
Hahaha! This is just based on my observations and personal experience. But for the past years, I've noticed that prices usually go down after Valentines Day. Leftovers? Store ordered too much? I don't really know. But try to observe several retail outlets after the big day, most of them will even have
packaged chocolates for a cheaper price and that's the best thing I look forward to on a February!

See, it's actually a nice month after all. We might not have long weekends but be thankful that we still have weekends to look forward to. So on that day, don't sulk into loneliness. It's just another normal day. 

Hello, February! :)

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