Grocery Bag : Nissin Cup Noodles (Japanese Miso Style)

Monday, February 06, 2012

I usually eat in the office before I go home in my slumber. I'm lazy to the point where If I have to eat at home, I'd buy something that you'll eventually dispense after eating. Anything that requires a plate is out of the question. Yes, that kind of lazy. Most of the time I buy from fast food chains or convenience stores, but then again because I'm too lazy to endure the lines at Fast food chains, more often than not, convenience store it is. 

I'm a fan of Mini-Stop and 7-11 for the kind of food that can really be convenient. Imagine boiled egg on top of 7-11's Hotta Rice. They also have a great selection of the classic cup noodles for the lazy and I'm a fan. See what I discovered!

Japanese Style Miso!
So yeah, that was a long intro so I can prepare you guys for the disappointment. I love Miso, so I was expecting a lot from Nissin since their Seafood Cup Noodles is awesome with the small bits of crab sticks and the yellow things that I don't know. Yes there is a tiny, tiny taste of Miso and that's about it. I think the green things are supposed to be Seaweed but they tasted like bland slimy kangkong leaves. Well, for P20 I wouldn't expect a lot but I think the taste is not far from the Seafood flavor, the seafood flavor is just saltier. Put in the crab sticks and the yellow things and this will taste like a Seafood Cup noodles with a lot of water. What a disappointment. 

The green leafy things

I guess at P20 I couldn't really expect much. Heh. Plus being the lazy ass that I am, I shouldn't have thought that my lack of energy will get me far. Hahaha! But nevertheless I wanted to share it with you guys in case you want to know what's up with Nissin, if it even matters. Hahaha!

Have a nice week ahead! Cheers!


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