Food Diary : KFC Breakfast Meals

Saturday, February 11, 2012

As someone who works in an indefinite shift or most popularly known as the shifting schedule, I seldom don't get to call my meals the way you call yours. My breakfast could be your dinner and my dinner could be your lunch. For me though, no matter what time of the day it is, my first meal is always breakfast, lunch then dinner. Dinner becomes breakfast again though if the sun is already up. Hahaha! You're probably confused but don't be because I won't be talking about my time difference with the rest of the population. Meh.

Anyhoo, what I wanted to share is the not-so-new discovery I had a couple of weeks ago. While I did know that KFC already has its breakfast lineup, what I didn't know is that it's not as pricey as their chicken meals and they're quite okay! One of my all-time favorite from KFC is their fully loaded meal which now has a variation. You can have the double down fully loaded, the regular one and they have another option that I forgot. My current eye candy though is their breakfast fully loaded. Tadaaaaaaaaaaa!

In all its glory!
For a PhP100, you get several pieces of Pork tocino, longganisa, scrambled egg, garlic rice, choco chip pancake and orange juice! I like the longganisa because you don't have to deal with the hassle of removing the sort of plastic covering, it's better compared to other fastfood longganisa's. The Pork tocino is a bit dry, coming from Pampanga and having a taste of the worst and best tocino's, I can say this one is not bad at all. A little more glaze and it could've been better. The least favorite in this set is the scrambled egg, it's too salty! I've had this breakfast several times and it is indeed salty. I don't know if you've had the same experience, but I did, consistently.

The Choco-chip pancake! I thought it was amazing. Of course pancakes like these, you don't compare to Crepes and Creme or Pancake house but with fastfood pancakes as well. 

I love the fact that they're very generous with the choco chips scattered throughout the pancake. Some fastfoods would probably put one or two choco chips and that's about it. With KFC's pancake, you can realy savor the chocolate as it is scattered all over the pancake and it's delicious!

Oh, I totally forgot about one of the bonus points, which for me is the Orange juice. I mean, in Mcdo they have breakfast meals which are paired with soda and if you want to have orange juice, you're gonna have to pay for an additional fee. Come on, soda in the morning? I know a lot of people drink soda in the morning but let's face it, eating in a fastfood resto in itself is not healthy, can we at least try to minimize the risk of dying by atleast not drinking something carbonated first thing in the morning? 

If I'm not at Mini-Stop eating Uncle John's fried chicken, you can probably look for me at the nearest KFC branch abusing my breakfast fully loaded meal. Or I'm probably at home with a takeout. Hahaha! I know you're probably hungry right now, so If I were you, I'd go to the nearest KFC branch and try their Breakfast Fully Loaded!

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