Food Diary : Mang Inasal

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mang Inasal has been one my the boyf and I's favorite restos. Not just because of the unlimited rice but because of the huge chunk of chicken that you can get for P99. Plus I love the free soup that they serve before you get the chicken, or while eating your chicken, or after eating your chicken. It depends on the number of people eating if they'll notice that you actually have or don't (for that matter) the soup you've been craving for.

A couple of weeks ago, Bunny and I decided to have dinner at Mang Inasal which is located at the back of PBCom Tower. It was closed a bit early and we asked why because we usually eat there around 9PM, the manager told us they're preparing for the 11.11.11 thingy that they're launching. Fine.

I was thinking they might've thought of adding more chicken or adding more soup and yes, adding more food to the menu. I kept on comparing Chic-Boy's line up and boy Mang Inasal is way behind. They have Sinigang na Salmon, Liempo of all sorts and what have you. Mang Inasal on the other hand is limited to the Chicken line up and the Sinigang (and other dishes such as Sisig), both actually taste good. but, if you're looking for diversity when it comes to the menu, your choices are pretty limited with Mang Inasal, including their selection of desserts.

So, 11.11.11 came, my first disappointment was:
Ginataang Kangkong for P25
This is such a ripoff! I surely don't remember looking at the photo seeing strands, oops, A STRAND of Kangkong scattered all over the plate, sprinkled with Gata. I even thought this was probably an appetizer, but no, it's the real deal! And it didn't even taste good. How dare you, Mang Inasal. Chowking's Kangkong with Bagoong is better.

No matter how I look at it, it doesn't make a difference.
What a scam.
Ensaladang Talong for P39
I've loved Ensalada all my life. You can cook it, personalize it the way you want as long as you make sure that the Bagoong is cooked properly. I was so excited to taste this and I had to spit it out because the Bagoong wasn't cooked quite enough so it tasted weird and it was malansa. Eeew.

The only thing I liked in their new menu (that I've tasted so far), is the Turon Split because it's made of Taro! I love Taro to bits, I remember getting heartbroken when Mcdo  completely removed Taro Pie from their menu, it was delish and cheap. I think we need more Taro-ish things in this country!

So, there. It was indeed disappointing that they're not able to deliver what they've been babbling about for the past weeks, 11.11.11 and their commercials that say, "The more, the manny-er". It doesn't make sense to have a tagline like that yet serve something like the aforementioned. I don't care if it's cheap, or a bit pricier than the usual as long as you get your money's worth. Step up, Inasal

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