Coffin Break

Monday, November 28, 2011

I know Halloween is so over but I can't pass the opportunity to tell you how awesome my Halloween was. No parties, no beer just the boyf and my family. Lazying around, sleeping all day can be relaxing, too! Bibi and I went straight home after work, shopped with my sisters and had dinner with some relatives. Bunny has always been shy so I had to do several instances of meals for dinner and lunch so he'll start to be be more comfortable around them--and it was a success!

We had 3 days off from work and all we did was cook, watch movies, sleep and go out. No alcohol involved but it was still fun! Also, bonded with my sisters with endless games of Pinoy Henyo. I just have to make a photodump, it was such a nice holiday for me.

I'm so glad my Lola's new home looks a lot better, we had it renovated because we didn't have the funds before but I'm really glad we took the time to save up for it and now it looks nice.

Tell me about your halloween! Haven't had the time to back read on all Halloween posts, been very busy lately. Happy Monday!

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