Food Diary : O My Yogurt

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, the boyfran and I finally had the time to visit Manila Ocean Park. I bought our tickets last June for P500 when they had a caravan in the office. They had a package of some, not all, of the things they had to offer. Once you get there, you'll see a lot of sights you'd want to go to but of course you have to take them one at a time.

Unfortunately for me though, the boyfran and I went there after my shift so I was pretty tired. I little walk here and I'll ask him if there's somewhere we can sit and probably sip something or smoke. The fortunate thing was while having one of those tired moments, we ended up at O My Yogurt!

Our first cup!
At O My Yogurt, you can create your own Yogurt which is sort of an advantage and a disadvantage. Advantage because you get to play with that things that makes the frozen yogurt come of it, some sort of machinery. Also, looking at the toppings and getting to pick which one you like, putting them on your own cup and voila! I don't know if it's just me but I find satisfaction in creating or preparing my own food. There we also tons of Yogurt flavors to choose from but since we weren't sure if it'll taste good, we settled for the safe on which is original flavor aka Tart.

Disadvantage, or probably just my stupidity, I put in the heavy fruits on our cup. We had Lychee, Strawberry and Grapes. And since they charge customers by the gram, the cup of yogurt that we got wasn't that filling considering the amount of fruit toppings I put in it. I was scared to pay for a cup of Yogurt for, say, P500. If I remember it correctly, they charge P100-120 per 20grams. I'm not sure though, don't quote me on this so just google the price.

O My Yogurt didn't disappoint us in anyway. The boyfran and I consumed our first cup in a minute, seriously. Because of the diet, both of us had second thoughts of getting our second cup but we just can't resist it. We had our second, our third, and err, our fourth cup.

I don't know if we were tired or O My Yogurt was really that great and satisfying but I'm sure our palate's won't lie. I suggest you head on to the nearest O My Yogurt at your place and try their froyo!

O My Yogurt can be found at SM City Calamba, SM City Dasma, SM City Sta. Rosa and they also have a branch at Manila Ocean Park. Contact them at (02) 828-1147 to 49.

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