Holiday Hoopla

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hi, Guys! I know this blog has been quiet for weeks now, but well, you know how December is, to most if not all Filipinos a very busy month. It is the moment we've been preparing for 3 months now so come the actual month itself, everyone seems to be busy--just like me! I've been running around trying to finish my work so I can take my leaves. Also, going here and there to complete this years Christmas Shopping list.

I have tons of photo's to upload, some dating back to November and I haven't started processing them. Add the number of blog entries that I still have to write considering the number of things that happened to me through the course of November and December, Ay Caramba! I don't know where to start.

But I guess I can start with giving everyone a straight from the heart greeting for this lovely season, then I can immediately go back to my domestic chores. Hahahaha! Merry Christmas everyone, snapped this for everyone to see. I'm spending my holidays in Pampanga as always, with the family.

So there, I wish everyone is having a festive and Merry Christmas! I'll probably resume regular programming next year, or next week? I dunno. We'll see, for know let's enjoy the holidays! Enjoy the food, enjoy the food and worry about the calories later. It's the season to let your guard down!

I'm still accepting gifts for the Holiday! Haha I don't have a wish list but I expect people close to me to know what to give me this season. I don't want to go around posting my Wish list, but who knows, I might have one very soon! Haha

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