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Monday, March 07, 2011

I love Baguio. It shouldn't come as a surprise by now because I talk about it all the time and I try to compare everything with Baguio.This is one of those days where I consider going up there to look for a decent job that will allow me to stay forever. But for now, a list of things and reasons why you'd love Baguio.

1. Weather!

Top from Quiapo
Daisy Dukes from Divisoria
Gray Toms
(I look awkward here)
Who hates cold weather? I don't! I love cold weather, I can strut in shorts or jeans and just bring a jacket if ever it gets too cold. In college I used to wear shorts and flipflops in class. They're sooo comfortable it makes the environment a whole lot conducive for learning (echos!). I hate the kind of weather here in Manila because my face gets oily all the time.

I look awkward in this photo, maybe because I just woke up and I was hungry as hell. This was taken last January. The boyfriend and I makes it a point to visit Baguio at least once a month.

2. Food (Nomnom!)

Pesto Pasta from Volante

Well, yes there are a lot of good restaurants here in the Metro but the taste of food and the amount of serving is different. Am I being too biased or what? The hell  I care, I mean if you bite a vegetable you can feel the crisp as you bite it. There's a different kind of freshness that comes along with it.And yeah, that's a big factor for me. Food is cheaper, too.

Omelette with bacon, tomatoes and onions 

3. Cost of Living

Vegetables are yummy especially if you know how to cook them. Vegetables in Baguio are sooooo cheap you'd go Vegan. I remember college, we were so full of what they have in SM and Tuno-Tuno Kambingan so we decided to cook our own meal. We decided to go for the safest one which is buttered vegetables. The first try was not really good, it might sound easy but when we cooked it it tasted blah! So good thing we learned from our mistakes and the 2nd time we cooked buttered veggies, it tasted delicious!


My favorite--with Tequila, of course!
It's a matter of being creative, really. All these goods are also available in the metro but maybe with a different price tag. Yes you can haggle, but there's nothing like purchasing it from the source itself. Knowing that it's fresh and cheap. Sometimes it's also organic, but organic fruits and veggies are expensive. :|

4. The People (Friends, Professors, classmates, enemies, ex-boyfriends, lovers, etc.)

I will never regret that I went to UP Baguio for college instead of UP Diliman. I might have spent months away from my family and sleepless nights drinking with my friends instead of doing my thesis, but it was all worth it. I can pretty much say it's a part of God's lesson plan. I love the people I met there. People who made me cry, people who broke my heart, people who made me look stupid, people who taught me how to think differently, people danced with me, people who made me stronger and people who loved me for who I am.

In that note, I'll just end this post here with a photo taken by a great guy I met there and up until now stays right by my side to protect and love me, no matter how crazy of a bitch I am.

Now, do you have anything remarkable to say about Baguio?
Happy Monday!


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