Nude Rainbows For Breakfast

Monday, March 07, 2011

Breakfast is one of the most substantial meal of the day. My dinner is technically breakfast. So I don't really know if I'll say I love dinner or breakfast. But basically, I want to say I love breakfasts!

We frequent eat-all-you-can restos because we are what you call stress eaters(?). We eat stress out. No kidding, we eat to eliminate stress, then purge it after. No, seriously. We just love to eat.

So Dan mentioned this placed called Bellissimo. It's an eat-all-you-can place along Examiner St, so we figured we'd go. While looking for Bellissimo, we saw a placed named Bellore so I asked Dan,

Me  :  Dan, Bellissimo ba o Bellore?
Dan :  Yun ata Bellore, imbento lang ako. May masabi lang.
Me  :  *curses* crazy bitch!

But there you go, it was Bellore. You can't imagine how hilarious and creative my friends are! The buffet was mostly composed of veggies but of delicious selections. I wans't able to take a photo because we arrived at 9:30 and eat all you can is only up until 10:00am so we had to hurry. I had beef steak, champorado, okra, talong, bagoong, salted egg with onions and tomatoes, spaghetti and I forgot the others.

We had a sumptuous meal and right after that had a quick photoshop tutorial session and we decided to have an impromptu photo shoot. It's like more of a going-away shoot. Huhu

One of my favorite shots
It's really difficult to strut around in heels and stockings while taking photos. I get irritated with drivers using their car horns irresponsibly, it's like an indication that their red flag is rising and they'd have to use it whenever they see a girl. Thank goodness Oli and Dan were there to give them some crisp spanking and cursing. I mean seriously, what is their problem? Is it the first time they've seen a girl? Tsk.

left over eggs
I'll miss breakfast with them retards

I  was insinuating something here

My concept

Giving the photographer some credit. Whatever. Haha!
Bandage dress from Divisoria
Accessories from Quiapo
Stockings from SM Dept. Store
Studded Toeless boots from So!Fab

My hips don't lie
I need to have it re-inked
I really enjoyed this impromptu shoot even if it was scorching hot. I'm really gonna miss random moments like this. But hey, as I've said before, it's not like I'm moving mountains! Woah, wait. That's Usher. Haha!

How's your week doing so far?

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Bellore is located at 57 Examiner St. West Triangle, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines


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