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Monday, March 07, 2011

When you write something down or blog about it whichever way is more comfortable, I do feel like the universe really conspire and make things happen. But well that is just my thought so far because things have been going pretty good. Ha, at last!

Anyway, after almost 2(?) grueling months, I'm finally assuming my position--for the promotion that is. You may have forgotten about that because I announced it to the whole world last November, but then again management had to iron out some things and poof! I now have the position.

In lieu with getting promoted, I also have to transfer to a different site, which I may say is farther than my previous location. I'm fine with it because the difference is just a short distance but the ambiance and the surrounding, I'm never going to get accustomed to. But I'm not gonna rant since that is where I'm needed anyway.

I had to have my last hoorah with my current account, so good thing we had this Valentine's day photo booth contest, of course I wasn't a part of the creative team, but I was sure a part of modelling group aka the ones who get the most number of photos taken at the booth.

A staged photo aka they were throwing the balloons while the photo
was being taken to have the 'fun' factor work in it.

Bonnet from Human
Plaid B/W Top from Quiapo
Knit Jeans/Jeggings Bench

I loved how Jai, my team mate came up with the idea. It's like a black valentine/ sweet 16 valentine. Not too sweet, not too bitter as well. I also love the balloons, after the judging we had a dare to pop all the balloons just by sitting on them. Yeah. my stupid ass was not that useful there. Haha!

My grass head!

Look at my grass head! I got it as a gift last Christmas from my co-worker Bev. You just have to put in the water and wait for a couple of days before the grass grows. This photo shows my grass head with a really horrible grass hair, I guess when I get stressed my grass head gets stressed, too. Haha!

Cameras are not allowed on the production floor and it's rare that we can get a permit for one so I harassed the camera once it was allowed inside the floor. I also wanted to take a lot of photos of my grass head so I won't miss it so much. Moving into a new office doesn't really mean I'd have to move all my things, it'll not be convenient for me so I gave this grass head to the care of Mommy Jovy. Sad. I hate goodbyes, but I had to because I'll be very busy at the new site and I won't be able to take care of my cutesy grass head.

Dan the not so man!
We also took some photos at the other photo booths, I mean if this was your last day, why not make the most out of it right? Exactly what I did!

Fuji Booth
This photo was taken by Dan. I loved how my jump coincided with the position of the wings making it appear as if I'm flying, or something close to that effect. Forgive the clutter around the bay, they weren't finished with the design but we decided to barge in and take a photo. Look at oliver, what the hell is that pose suppose to mean? Ah, Kung Fu Panda? Yeah, Oli does resemble the Panda! haha!

My Station troll

Please bear with his hair, I pull it every time I'm stressed. I call him my station troll, takes care of my things when I leave the office and makes sure maintenance people don't touch my things when they tidy up. I hate it
when they re-arrange things and when I look for those things where I left them and they're somewhere else. Ugh.

Originally, there were 3. I forgot to bring mine in the office. These 2 are Dan and Oli's ducks. I often refer to them as my station patrols aka love ducks. They are placed on top of my CPU. In case someone tries to steal my whiteboard marker or eraser.

Oh and look, someone posted a small note on my phone. I wonder who Crank is? I've tried playing CSI with my team mates just so we can decipher who Crank is and nada. We weren't even close to knowing if he's a guy or what have you. But thank you, I do appreciate the note but not the choice of words, yes?

So, that was nostalgic. As I was typing this post, I'm already at the new site meeting new people and co-workers. I wanted to post every inch my station so I'll be reminded how I owe that place a lot. That place where I have learned everything I know regarding this line of business. I wish I can go back there and give back but due to complicated circumstances, I'd have to stay where they need my expertise the most.

Well, it's not like I'm transferring to a different company, I'm still on the same company. Just a different account, a different set of people to work with and a diverse surrounding I'd have to get used to. I guess I miss the people I used to hang out with, my team mates, my SME's, my TL's and even the lady at the Pantry.

But hey, look at the brightest side. I'll be assigned there in a few months or so. Positive vibes! :)


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