Butter the Soul

Monday, February 21, 2011

I love to eat. Last Valentine's day I had the luxury to omit some food I shouldn't be eating because of my diet. And yes, I commit to my diet intermittently. Whenever I'm really stressed out or hungry, I forget about it. But when I'm all okay, schedule has been followed, I'm tight with it.

My sister Polly share the same attitude. Whenever she's stressed being a part of the student council, spear-heading the school paper, performing her role as the class president and staying on top as the first honor, she eats, a LOT. My Mom and I try to talk her out of binge eating because it'll not do her any good. But I guess she has to follow by example, and my Mom and I are not the best role models when it comes to that area.

So anyway, I just wanted to post my Sister and I's favorite dessert. Some weeks ago, I bought a box of Krispy Kremes as pasalubong to my sister and she managed to make them disappear in one sitting--half the box I mean. And she was so satisfied after that she managed to finish reviewing 6 subjects in 4hrs.

So i guess I'll let her be for the moment, and just remind her every now and then to take it slow sometimes.

My sister has a preference for the extra sweet ones, she doesn't like settling for Sugar glazed. And that leaves them to me, by my lonesome. Nomnom!

Valentine's day themed donuts

Btw, I was supposed to bring a dozen yesterday on the way home to Pampanga. If you must know, Krispy Kreme doesn't really have a store but a stall in SM Pampanga. I came in at 10am straight from Manila expecting I can get a dozen for me and my sister, and behold, after an hour no Krispy Kremes yet. They're not yet open. WTH! I waited for 30 more minutes because maybe they were just running late but nada. I went home disappointed. I just hope they can have their own space and not just a stall that doesn't follow normal mall hours.

Purrfect for V-day!
Despite those negative side comments, I can still say one bite from their delectable donuts and I forget the aforementioned. Amen.

My Favorite Krispy Kreme Branch is located at  Space 4033 Level M4 TriNoma Mall, EDSA cor. North Avenue., Quezon City.


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