And I Love Him

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hun and I agreed to sit out Valentine's day. I mean, it's such a cliche and it's everywhere as if it's the only day you can tell someone you love them. I kind of disagree with that philosophy. It's better if you treat everyday as a special day to tell your loved one that he or she is important and loved. Right?

Anyhoo, because of peer pressure I sort of felt obliged to give Bunny a gift. Well I'm weak like that, always giving into peer pressure. I do give him small nothings on random days but I just felt like this one had to be a slight bomb because I didn't get him any present last Christmas. So I got him;

I got him a watch!

Yeah, pretty much. I noticed he doesn't like wearing one because of the hassle but then again ironically stare at the stores, looking for the perfect fit. So I thought I'd get him one.

A kinky love letter

I also got him a kinky love letter. A letter which contained most of the things I'm not able to say upfront. Not that I'm shy, I'm shameless. We can talk about tits, cats, cheating, girls, exes for hours but the simple things, I'd want to inform him first in a mediated manner. Once he already knows it, I can talk about it with him anytime. It's a process I usually follow. I love mediated communication for some reason, but not my primary bet though.

Don't mind the casing, I hid it that's why it got dirty

I got the watch from Rudy Project. Well, Mom was the one who originally got it and I told her I'd just buy it from her. Deal settled. Hihihi.

Trying to show it off for the camera
Sorry about the photos, the lighting in my room is blah. I wonder when I'll get a room which has natural light, good for taking photos. Oh, Baguio!

Lovey, tyan mo. Hahaha!

He didn't want to accept it at first thinking that he might owe me something but I was able to persuade him to finally bring it home. I asked him if he prepared anything for me and he didn't. No hard feelings, but like what Len said, it's nice to receive some random-i-did-not-ask-for-this bouquet or any small something. Haha! I know I'm ironic like that. I don't want to celebrate V-day but I wanted a present. Well, I have this philosophy that if i give you something, you should give me something back. Not a good idea, I know. But I can't help expecting things from others, that's just how my universe conspires. So if I say it's okay, WTHMF it's not okay.

For that, he knows how I roll so he's gonna treat me to an all-expense shopping spree next week! I love my boyfriend, he understands, accepts and loves me for who I am and what I'm capable of doing--and expecting.

Oh true love. I love you, hunnybunny!

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  1. How sweet! I wish I could afford something expensive for Joey! But this is really sweet <3

  2. Shopping spreeeeee! :D Great to know that you had a good Vday Ochi! :)

  3. I saved up for that big time. Parang 2 cutoff ng sweldo ko. But it was worth it. He did appreciate it :)

  4. Yes, Ate Jan! I followed your tip on the letter and the sexytime! Hihi