Floating In The Summer Sky

Monday, February 14, 2011

First off, Happy Valentine's Day! How's your day so far? I've got no special plans for today for we had our 'date' last weekend. Right after my shift, I met with Hun so we can go to Pampanga together. Arrived there around lunch, Mom prepared a sumptuous meal for us! We had crabs, lobsters and Sinigang (no photos though, I was starving!) Had a nap after lunch and next thing we know, it's already dinner!

Bun's tooth was a major pain in his ass for it prevented him from eating the delectable treats prepared by my Momma. After dinner, we washed the dishes together (kilig!) and he also helped me configure my new wireless router! I'll blog about that some other time.

We also slept late because we watched TV and we were busy talking to each other. fast forward to the morning after, I cooked him breakfast! We had tocino and tomatoes, then immediately fixed ourselves and headed to Clark for the 16th Hot Air Balloon festival.

upon arrival. Bunny is handsome! ,3
Excuse my hair for being so cooperative!
It was sooo hot when we arrived I thought we'd get some snow cones first. The taste was blah and the price was unacceptable, I just had to have something cold to drink/eat back then because of the heat. It was priced at P50 and the flavor I chose was chocolate, it tasted bad!

Snow cone syrup of different flavors!

Went around a little to check if we're missing something amazing other than the heat of the sun, and truth be told, we were! Walked half a mile to check out the exhibits, there were also stalls for food and clothes!! I was tempted to shop for clothes but I didn't have enough cash, there were no ATM's around. Good thing, remember save, save, save!

Have you noticed how I changed the style of editing my photos? I hope you do!

I don't understand any of this! haha

A falcon with Bunny in the background.
According to the person in charge of the Falcon, they have that blindfold sort of material because they get stressed whenever people or a crowd comes in and takes a look at them Ooh, trivia!

Hot Air Balloons!

There were also fun activities for kids who got bored or for those who threw tantrums. There was a booth where a kid can do artsy fartsy things with (Colored) Pen and paper.

In the middle of our photo-op though, a crash happened. i wasn't able to go near it but the announcer said that all the victims have been taken care of. Good thing, phew.
Akala ni Ate paparazzi.

The following photos may be too cheesy for you. You've been warned that the next set might be themed or irrelevant to your taste, but not mine of course. I love Hunnybunny to bits. <3

Role play. Hahaha!
Ang pogi lang ng boyfran ko. Sorry naman. :))

Too grainy

Need I say more?

Since there was only 2 of us, no any other companion or whatsoever, solo shots! But I also have to thank my tripod for making it possible to have a photo with him.

Top : from my sister
Shorts : thrifted
Shoes : Toms
Bag : Egg

After that we had lunch at Sbarro and then went home because he still has to travel back to Manila. Aww, good times really end fast. I felt as if  his stay here was so short. But anyway, we'll be having more of these!

Oh, and as for the date itself, I do have the photos but I'm running late for an appointment right now so I'll be posting that next time. Happy heart's day again!

What did you do today?

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  1. Where is the like button? :D Next time ride a hot air balloon na ba? :)

  2. I don't know how to put one? Haha I wanted to kasi the price was $150! Wag nalang. Hehe