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Monday, February 07, 2011

I'm the eldest in a brood of four pretty girls. Being the one, I feel like I have the responsibility to be a good role model to my sisters, a thing which I have failed to do so in the past. I think now is the perfect time to make up for it.

I'm trying hard to reconnect and bond with my sisters since all for of us are in different places, Kat and Ney in Baguio, Polly in Pampanga and I'm here in Manila. I just miss them and I feel like spending the days apart is painful especially for the 2 young girls because I haven't seen them mature into teenagers. But don't worry, we'll catch up on that soon!

They're pretty, I know.

This photo was taken some weeks ago when I went up to Baguio, treat them to Dinner at Good Taste. You can never go wrong with Good Taste, especially the Buttered Chicken, nomnom! But I had to order soup that night because it was sooo cold. I did order some take out for them for I know they'd be back to eating canned good and stuff. You know how college kids are, always yearning for totoong pagkain.

Egg soup for only P90

Sinigang na Baboy

Beef and Broccoli
Just to give Good Taste some credit because I really adore their menu, you must try the place if ever you visit Baguio. The price is cheap and the food is delicious, some of the items in the menu tasted too generic like the egg soup but don't forget they still have the buttered Chicken you must not miss!

Oh, btw Hunbun was also with us that night. Snap!

Bunny izzo fat na!

Going back, make sure you make your brother or sister feel your presence. Make them feel loved. Hug him/her NOW!


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