There's A Big Bang In The City

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Last year, I'm proud to say I was able to control sudden impulses of purchasing things I don't really need. I have learned how my mind works and acts so basically I just have to trick it a little to cooperate. Okay, weirdo in the house. Anyway, yes I was able to save a small amount from my gross earning of P***, 000.000! Yay to me, I was also able to invest on some of the gadgets I wanted. I got myself a dSLR, a notebook and some destinations out of town.

My strategy was not to spend money on pieces of clothing that will eventually go out of style. I favored classic pieces that can be worn over the years without you thinking it might be out of fashion. And since I was also a shoe-a-holic, I had to cut down on extreme impulses on shoes. Especially the lovely ones I see online. Amongst my shoe wish list, I was able to buy only 1 but that's fine. I got a vacation in Baler anyway.

So, since I deprived myself of these things for almost the whole year, I decided to splurge just a wee bit last December.

I got myself a pair of gray Toms! Aren't they purrty?

I was supposed to buy myself a new pair of black ballet flats but I saw that with every pair I buy, I'll be able to help change a child's future. Or something to that effect, and being the kind-hearted (charot!) person that I am, I was swayed by this advertisement!

Excuse my bed and my pillow! Bought this for (P100)
I bought this one with the grand thought of cleaning up important documents and all files on paper in this cute box. It's actually foldable so if ever I decide to dispose the content, it won't take up a lot of space.

B/W checkered polo 
This one I got for a very cheap price but I'm not telling. I think it's because this is sooo 20008, but I don't care. I know I'll still be able to wear this in the future. It's just a scare sometimes that I still see a lot of people wearing the same pattern. But, the hell I care. Teehee.

Black mesh striped top
I got this one for a very unbelievably low price of P***.00, not telling! It's a steal because it's a not-so-thick-not-so-thin mesh. I wore it to the office once and they didn't notice that it was actually see-through until they tried to stare at it long enough to realize they're staring at my bare skin. Haha! It's also very practical to wear in this tropical county, especially that it's already getting really hot nowadays! This top allows my body to breath!

From zero--
--to Big-O!
I find this bag very relevant because I travel a lot. Instead of putting my things in a backpack and looking like a 10yr old with a wrinkled face, I can just put my things in this bag and look like a lady for once. The only downside of this is that it doesn't have any pockets or whatsoever to keep your things tidy. You'd have to stuff them all in, the space could be more justified if I had a  bag organizer because right now when I try to look for something in this bag, it takes ages! If someone is reading this blog, *ahem*.

The top part of it is lace and the lower part is some kind of a weird texture I
can't decipher

A closer look at the detail
This dress is not that cheap, and when I took it out to fit, it was perfect--back then. That was before the holidays, it had just the right length and it fit perfectly. I recently wore it at the office and oh my, I can't believe I gained a lot since I bought this! What's with the rapid weight gain? Gah! It became a little bit shorter and so I had to wear stockings to cover up.

This I'm not sure if I can call it an investment. But hey, I can always make up a reason why I did buy this. Let's see, hmm, Oh I only have one pair of shades and it doesn't actually pair up to all of my outfits so I need a different one with a different hue. And it's need, you know being in a tropical country, I'd have to protect my eyes from the harmful rays of the sun! Ha!
And some accessories!
I never fail to purchase some accessories whenever I go shopping (which for the last year has been rare). I got 3 pairs of pearls and one of those big vintage rings.

That's about all the spending I did last Christmas, just a little something to reward myself for the all the hard work and patience.

What did you get yourself last Christmas?


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  1. Daming pera! Henge :)

    Love the Tom shoes. I think I shall buy one for myself.. when I can afford one. Tag-hirap :(

  2. Haha konting splurge lang dahil nagtipid ako buong taon!

    Alam mo yung Toms uber comfy, I'm glad yung yung binili ko instead of a pair of black ballet flats. :)