Clean House (My mini-dresser edition)

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Upon being employed by my capitalist company, I have since forgotten how to prettify and organize my things. I  always have been almost late for work, or have some more work to do when I think of organizing my things. But last December, I though I'd get it over and done with and once and for all clean up and organize my things. Here's what I got.

I just wanted to show a photo of my piggy bank, totally unrelated!
Haha! So going back, I just thought I'd show you a photo of my piggy bank which has been with me for over a year now and I haven't even managed to make it half full! So, I bought some things at the Japanese store in Trinoma where things were supposed to be priced P66 and P88 or so.

One of the organizers I bought.
For this cute organizer, since I invest and get a lot of Victoria's Secret perfume (who doens't) in big bottles, I though of lining them up in this container so they'd look neat and so I can monitor which one is already low. Which in this case, they all are. I haven't got anything from my relatives abroad yet so I guess I'd have to by my refills. Heh.

Tadah! Nvm the plastic, PLEASE! haha
They look more organized this way! And don't pay attention to the plastic, that is where I used to store everything else that won't fit into my dresser. I threw it away after organizing.

Then, I also got this for all other things:

It's quite obvious why I chose this one,
just look at the adorable flowers!
And, I turned it into a container for all of my other stuff. Powder, solution for my lenses, lotion, etc. On the smaller partition, I put in my nail polish.

Sucha lot of stuff you can put in
This is how my dresser looks like now! A lot prettier than before!

View from the top!

I'm so happy I've decided to clean up the clutter before the New year. I though It'd be bad omen if I don't. And guess what, Bad omen or not, it still did me good for it made my dresser a whole lot organized.

If I had the money though, I'd invest on containers that are not plastic. It's just that I'm saving up for a lot of things right now so I don't have the luxury of buying expensive items. Lulz. If you also actually look at the products that I use to beautify myself, they're also practical and not the expensive kind. I just thought I'd dwell on expensive things when I'm filthy rich.

For now let's just be practical. :)


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  1. Nasa "things to do for 2011" ko ang pagbili ng piggy bank. My brother was able to save 10,000 worth of 10 peso coins. :D

    OHMYGAD. I need those little organizers for the office yeay!!!

  2. I have them in the office, too. They're very effective if you want to tidy up. The price is cheap, too! :)