Who Are You Wearing?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I missed doing outfit posts! I had pretty cute and snuggly outfits for the past month that I have failed to post, but will surely wear again for me to share. Remember that  bandage dress from Divisoria? Well, I was shit out of luck last Christmas eve and I had nothing to wear during the mass. Well I know it was pretty revealing, so all I did was put on some stocking and a cardigan on and everything's covered, literally and figuratively. Hah!

But this photo I got here was taken some months ago when I wore this outfit because I will be interviewing applicants.

The bandage dress I got from Divisoria (sorry about the photos, lighting is
not really good in my room)
Outfit details, bandage dress from Divisoria and laced Gladiators from Parisian at SM Department store.

So far, I haven't seem someone with the same outfit and hopefully I don't run into one 'cause I'll freak out. But if ever that happens, since I've mentioned before that this dress was bought in Divi, I hope I look better in it.

Oh, hey. What have we got here? Someone with almost the same outfit as I am! Haha! The only difference is that this is Victoria Beckham and the dress is a Herve Leger! How awesome is that? Well of course the material looks way expensive and its not a total look-alike but what the hell, I think at P450 this dress is totally worth it!

I love Divisoria!

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  1. What a great deal on the dress!! I miss going to divi =)

    Btw, i'm giving away a fabulous MAC lipstick for Valentine's day. You can win it!!! Details on my blog : www.jillpineda.blogspot.com

    Take care =)

  2. I know, right! Thank you!

    I'll check out your blog for that and make sure I win that lipstick!

  3. OMG! So jealous of your figure! Walang agawan ng boobs ha. Haha! That dress is fab!!!

  4. Iniipit ko lang yung tyan ko! Hahaha That's why I need some boobies, kasi pantay na sila! Haha