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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hola! Since I wasn't able to blog from the previous, (and another)previous weekend, let me tell you about my short trip to Divisoria and some of the awesome finds that I got there. I know very well that Divisoria is known for mass produced (MaPro as I call it) goods that you can see almost everywhere. Because of the cheap price, almost anyone can afford it and so, you end up having not just one but 5,6,7,8, and so on people having the same item as yours. Divisoria is also known for mass purchases, you can get cheaper deals if you buy things by the dozen, or half of it. I was able to explore the place last year, which was also my first time(I know I'm THAT ignorant to the world!), courtesy of my friend Dan who accompanied me. I had a lot of mishaps and mistakes and if it's your first time, I don't want it to happen to you. That is why when going to Divisoria, here are some of the tips that I can give for you to be able to avoid those mishaps. Remember prevention is better than cure!

1. Shop light.
Don't bring your laptop, iPod, iPhone, PSP or any luggage/baggage that you think won't be necessary through the course of your shopping.

2. The world doesn't revolve around you.
Divisoria is not like the mall where if someone snatches your cellphone, a lot of people will be able to help you. In Divisoria, it happens a lot so don't expect people to fret as you come in screaming that you just lost your wallet. Sure they will be of help but you must remember that the place is almost always packed (especially for the yuletide season) so those people also have their belongings to mind. So, be weary of yours.

3. Look and dress simple.
Aside from the fact that it will be easier for you to move around, it can also be a defense mechanism from snatchers and the like because you will be less noticeable that way. It can also help you haggle more as opposed to wearing your 5 karat ring or your diamond necklace.

4. Learn to haggle.
The good things about Divisoria is that even if the goods are brand new, you can always haggle just like in thrift shops! Isn't that amazing? Just make sure the item, as I've said before, is unique or its something that stands out. And to be sure for emergencies, make sure you can rock the outfit/accessory even if you came to a close encounter with an entity that has the same item. Also, make sure you check the details of the item, because for a cheap price, what do you expect? Just make sure you check.

5. Be patient.
The stalls or shops in Divisoria typically has the same kind of good, you have to believe in the motto that patience is a virtue for you to be able to bring home that awesome find! It can also help you compare prices from stalls, which most of the time doesn't work for me. DON'T BE IMPULSIVE, like me. heh.

Those are just a few tips, I have for you guys. Spur of the moment advice that I thought I'd give you. But enough of that! We basically went there because I just got my retention bonus! I'm cheap so I will not spend my hard-earned moolah at the mall. Let me show you some of the things that I got:

This vintage looking rings costs P35
Lately, I've had this thing for vintage rings and vintage clothes and vintage everything! I bought this on the way home.

Floral high-waisted skirt for P99, that's about $2.
A closer look on the details of my skirt. Forgive me for the
photos, the lighting on my room is not good at all. :(
This gray and black tight-fitting dress I got for P450 ($10.44)
The story of this dress, I was actually eyeing for the jacket at the mannequin where this gorgeous dress was displayed and ended up buying the dress instead of the jacket. The store where I bought this dress from had pretty expensive prices, I tried to look for something that looks like it for a cheaper price but nada. I thought then it must be worth P450, at first I was torn between the jacket and the dress but finally got the dress.

Cute striped boxer shorts for when I make sexy time with the
boyfriend. Haha!
Another ring which cost me P35. The first time I wore this, my friend
tried to borrow it and accidentally(or not) scratched it big time! :(

Owl fascination. I'm not sure if it's because of The Guardian, but
there sure are a lot of Owls flying around this season.
I think that's about the things I purchased last, last weekend. After that, slept over at Dan's place then met Bunny at Mcdo for one hard drinking session at Lalai's place because it's her son's birthday! Fast forward to Sunday, Bun and I had lunch at Mang Inasal (Ooh, chicken oil!) and then cuddled the rest of the afternoon! There you have it, just want to update you guys. Have a happy weekend!

My photos don't look sharp at all.
Problems. :|

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  1. I LOVE THE BLACK AND WHITE BANDAGE DRESS!!!! I wouldn't buy something which costs around 400 pesos but... man, it's so sexy! hehe! Sometimes I should lay off thrifting and buy stuff like that you know. I'm such a cheapskate :(

    AMEN to your tips. Totoo 'yan! I buy my plain t-shirts there in divisoria because it's only 50 pesos hehe. The skirt is adorable and the accessories are soooo nice. Too bad I'm not into accessories yet but I should be!

  2. Yes, Len! You should be, especially the vintage-looking ones. They spice up an outfit a whole lot.

    And yes, the bandage dress(I didn't know how to call it) really flatters your figure. Siguro kung ikaw yung andun mas natawaran mo pa. Hindi ako convincing e. Haha!