Take Me Out Tonight

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I haven't done my blogging duties for quite a while that is why I have a lot to catch on. First off, I started 2 weeks ago. So now, let me start last weekend! Yihee for late posts, NOT! Haha! Okay, last weekend Bunny paid me a visit here at our conservative little town. We hang out here at home for an hour or two then went some place far far away, but not that far because it still has Tokyo Tokyo. Teehee. Photos!

I love California Maki!
This is my order, too. This is what my usual meal would
consist of.
Shrimp Tempura, mine too!
This is Bun's only order, I think it's Chicken Karaage or something
to that effect.
My retarded face, and Hun's MORE retarded face.

That's just a peek of what we had for Sunday, and yes, between us two, I'm the monster. We spent the weekend somewhere in Pampanga then paved our way back to Manila for I have work and he has to do the laundry. We had a quick stop at Trinoma for dinner at Burger King(yey, calories!) and also to look for something business-ish for my interview the next day(this is another blog!).

I forgot what my order was called but it's the one with the 2 small
buns and the taste is somthing bbq-y.
And we concluded the weekend, or that weekday for me rather. I'm getting tired of working on holidays, it's just too sad. But enough of that. I'm gonna be looking for a Halloween costume now, something to look forward to!

Photo credit:
Photos were taken using my old
reliable N90.


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