No More Sleeping At Night

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Goodness gracious, it's 4 in the morning and instead of sleeping and preparing for the work, here I am in front of my laptop trying to blog. But since I already am here, let me tell you now about that promotion I've been wanting to get a hold of. I don't want to divulge what position, for the sake of it, but the opportunity came when I was just about to leave my job. I saw an internal job posting for the position and I was like, WHATTHEFUCKWHYNOW, but well, I did apply. Haha! I also applied for 2 more jobs prior to that because I was at a lost. The one that my good friend referred did not reply to my email, maybe I wasn't qualified or something? The 2nd one kept calling me without assuring me what kind of job I'm in for so I decided to just stay still and wait for the IJP reply.

I poured my heart out with the resume I sent, and almost lost faith because I was getting no reply. But alas, after 2 weeks, I got one. The email told me that I have been short listed as one of the candidates for the position and they'll give me a chance to present myself. I replied giddily without the knowledge of my boss(I know, big mistake) and that is where the trouble started. I was informed that I need to cc everybody when I reply to their email for them to know if they were ready to let me go. Of course I was stunned, I know I did wrong. But things got ironed out in the end and I had my presentation last Tuesday. I had an exam, a demo teach and a panel interview! Phew. And I think I screwed up the chance big time, I'm still hopeful though. I'll try to go to Quiapo early this week and kneel(?) my way to the altar. If that's the only way I'm getting in, I don't care If I wear knee pads for it. Heh, just kidding.

Since I want my blog to be always on the positive note, I'll be thinking positive! I'll be getting that position. I promise, If not now, maybe later in life.

This week has been stressful because of that, so photos!

This is what I wore, they wanted something business-ish or corpo. Thrifted Long-sleeved Polo from Baguio,
 high-waisted skirt (I forgot where I got it and heels from Ohrelle.
I'm not really a fan of corporate attires since college. If we had to do a presentation which requires so, I have to borrow some from my friends or housemates. I feel like I'm never going to use it in the future anyway, but look now! Thank goodness the boyfran talked me into saving up for some in the future, and he is indeed right!

Now, the boyfriend wants me to wear corporate
all the time!
I have such a big head!

Since Camera's were not allowed inside the office, and God forbid our Internet connection and capabilities are only limited to the tools we use, I had to be creative for Bun to see this! I would want to get into the details but I'd rather not, company and IT policy! haha! Anyway, after seeing this, he wanted me to wear corporate during the times that we'll be seeing each other and I'm like, NO. I want to keep the thrill coming. So there, it made my job and my life a bit exciting that week.

How about you, any exciting things from your job this week?

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  1. Yeay! Nice polo! When you get that corporate job, you have to invest on lots of basic neutral colored skirts and polos. Also invest on black pumps :) And black blazer :)

  2. Hi, Len! I did get the corporate job and I'm going to Baguio next week to do some hardcore thrift shopping! Haha And I will invets on pumps and blazers, check!

  3. Hello, Ochi!!! :) You should update this blog of yours, young lady! I miss reading your posts! Tell me about your Baguio weekend!

    I feel kind of lucky that Joey's hometown is Baguio City! Wala lang. Ang cool. :D

    Eh and I want to see you in your corporate outfits :) Congrats on the promotion! I am selling stuff online, stuff like clothes! hehe! Inaayos ko pa. Shameless plugging :D

  4. Hi, Len! I am on the process of updating it again! My laptop and I went through a lot that's why I'm still in the "moving on" phase. Haha

    Nothing much to tell about the Baguio weekend since all I did was slack around. Haha But will post photos! :)