Drool Over, Danilo

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I haven't introduced you to two of the people I spend most of my time with at work. Meet CG and Dan, the people that I love the most from work. In a non-sexual, non-romantic way, please. CG and I have had issues in the office, they thought we were a couple even if they knew that he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend. I don't get it, office affairs that is. I don't know why Dan and I never had an issue, but anyway, I'll be mentioning them a lot so I thought I'd introduce them first.

Last week, we were emailing each other at the star of the shift and something unusual occurred. I started the convo and was a bit alarmed because Dan was a all quite, not replying or anything. I though maybe he was just busy, but when I stood up to shout at him, he was not there! His things not there as well, I had to check our VL(Vacation Leave) folder only to find out that the bitch is on VL for 2 days! What the hell, that tin man didn't even tell us! CG and I thought this will be bad for our reputation because it's only the 2 of us for the next two days. After shift, I told CG I needed to be hooked up to the internet 'cause I need to dload my presentation. I was jokingly asking him to treat me for breakfast, knowing the tightwad that he is, I know he won't budge. But he did. What a MIRACLE. He told me that I'd be his investment if ever I get promoted. That explains it, user! But I thought, I may never get promoted so what the hell. Haha! We chose Yellow Cab for the WiFi only to find out its not working, we both can't connect, and that is after ordering the 3-cheese pizza for breakfast. Darn it.

What a relief to find out that there's free wifi around the area, it took me 2 hrs to dload 9mb worth of files.But anyway, the point of this blog is to make Dan envious for we didn't only spend 2 lonesome days without him, it was 3, for on the 3rd day, Dan supposedly got "sick". Whatever, Dan. Drool over  the photos!

Drool over, Danilo!

Hi, Dan! The pizza says hi!
Enjoying my treat courtesy of CG!
My favorite!

We gobbled up the pizza and poof!, it's gone. Sorry you weren't able to taste it Dan! That is for being on VL for 2 days and on SL(Sick Leave) for another one! Too much text in this post, goodbye for now. We love you, Dan!

Photo Credit to my 2mp N90.


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