Not So Win On Halloween

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Let me tell you about my Halloween and how the week prior to that ruined my positive outlook for eternity, well not really, but somehow. Okay, so every Halloween I go home to Pampanga to visit my dearly departed relatives, there is no way I can be here in Manila and spend the Halloween partying on Halloween-themed events, my mom would freak out. So I spend the day visiting my grandparents and then having the afternoon with my family, by my lonesome or with some friends. Depends on my mood, really.  For this Halloween, I had a drinking spree with my high school friends, were starting to think of making this an annual event every Halloween. I want next time to be more colorful, though. Costumes, yes. And party music, please. Haha! We had fun though even if all we did was drink tequilla, vodka and disturb our sleeping neighbors. Oh, we also had a debate about men being more superior than women, while we were tipsy. 

So, basically yeah. That's how my Halloween went. Prior to that, we also had a party in the office which included trick or treat for the kids, and since I'm also a kid, I've got lotsa candies! We also had an event for bay decoration but I wasn't able to take photos because cameras were not allowed inside the office! Sucks I know. Bun and also had our own version of Halloween, we had dinner, that's it. Nothing kinky or scary. Heh. Photos!

That's me, Thon and Jeanelle showing you people how a telenovela
cover should look like, sans the Photoshop! Haha

Say hello to our friend who got us drunk!

The gang under drunken glory!


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