The Destruction Of My Social (Networking) Life

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Hi. This is probably not a good time to surprise me or to invite me somewhere because I'm not in the mood. For the nth time, my laptop is broken again and they're blaming it to the motherboard after 3 fucking months of use. I mean, how could that happen? If its under warranty they always do a reformat but if its not they always blame it to the motherboard. I don't get it. If you must know, my laptop is more than a vital piece of gadget to me. Aside from it being a "personal" space I can explore anytime and also use to create another world on the web, I also consider it a part of myself. That's how dependent I am to it, and knowing that fact, I don't know why I always fail to back up my data.

Here's what happens every time I try to turn it on:

I get the notorious gray screen!

I have searched online for a possible cause of this problem and it seems like its a common issue for Asus EEE PCs. Darn it. Should've known better. Anyhoo, there's no hope for this laptop.

So there you go, 11months worth of photos, audio files, movies, word documents and presentations gone in an instant. I found a recovery tool from the web which costs roughly P2,500 but I don't think it's worth it. I'm still looking for geeks over the innernet who can help me save my files. Wish me luck, or it's going to be the start of the destruction of my social (networking) life.

When it rains, it really does pour.


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