Happy Like A Pink Flamingo

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Hello again, folks! I've been pretty busy for the past few weeks as to the explanation why I haven't updated my blog for quite sometime. Also, my new laptop Batman broke down. I transferred all my files from my old laptop to this new one that I bought some 3 months ago thinking it would last. I haven't even thought of doing a back up on my files, because, I dunno. Who would ever imagine that after 3 months of use it will break down? I certainly didn't.

Not wanting to delve more into details, let's talk about my promotion. So, not wanting to make people who helped me reach this position feel indispensable, I had to give each of them a small treat. That is even if I haven't had a taste of the sweet monetary value of the promotion, I just had to, starting with the boyfriend. After I found out about the news, I had to wear something light and fun so as to embody how I felt that day. Photos!

I had to crop my face on some of the shots because my hair is all over the place!
So, here goes! I decided to wear something pink so it'll be easy on the eyes. The top I got from American Blvd, the skirt was thrifted from Divisoria and the shoes which is not that visible in this slide, I got from Marks and Spencer. The photos from the series of mini treats for the people I love and adore will be on a separate blog, all together.
Hell yeah, my hips don't lie. Darn.
Flats from Marks and Spencer
And that's about it. I haven't assumed the post yet, I will hopefully run the role come mid-December. A higher salary means more responsibilities, I'm keeping my hopes and my attitude up. Have a happy Sunday!


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  1. OMEGEEEED! I super adore this outfit! It's so cute and lovely <3

    And why are you complaining about your hips? Hips are there to show some curves! Napaka-womanly ng figure mo :)

    Ganda ng combination ng pink and skirt. Good job! :)

  2. I dunno, I think my hips doesn't flatter my height that's why I don't really adore it. My gay friends would kill for it, though! Haha

    Thank you, I just thought I'd wear something fun that day! :)

  3. Haha Oo nga e! Gusto ko laging magpagupit kapag depressed ako, pero after reading your blog, I always decide not to. Sayang ang 1 year. :p