Just Another Manic Monday

Monday, December 13, 2010

Okay, so I decided to post my outfit for my rant to not come along as selfish. Is is just me or assuming my post for the promotion is taking decades? Yes, I'm not complaining or anything, or maybe I am. I mean a month after they announce to the whole world or office that you're getting promoted but you're still doing you're same old job, people start asking you questions. They start with, "Whatever happened to your promotion?", "Why are you still here?", "Diba VA ka na?". And I'm like, "I don't really know, I'm still waiting for the management's notification". I guess what I'm really trying to say is, if there is something unsettled within their level that regards my promotion, they should have settled it before alarming the whole world that I got promoted even before celebrating a year with their company. So I stop there.

And because I don't wan't to spend my hard-earned moolah to shop and binge on unhealthy food, I decided to dress up. Well not really dress up, but at least gather some energy to take an ugly photo of myself and couple it with my rant. So, photos!

Taking self-portraits is difficult even with a tripod. Remote, please!
Outfit details, the loose, gray sleeveless top is from American Blvd, the workout leggings from Yvonne's and the Owl accessory from Divisoria. Parang gigimik lang, no? When you don't have the zest to go to work because you're tried of people asking you the same irritating question everyday, this is what you wear so you can do a ninja move by just speeding your way out of the conversation.

A closer look at the Owl necklace

My ring, which according to my officemate looks something
from Saudi. Yeah, you know the cliche. Haha 

I got them cheap from Parisian.

So, the whole point is, why cascade something you're unsure of? I'm not even sure if this is going to happen, but if it will then good. If not, then my plans for next year are doomed. I have a time line and that you must understand, if something else doesn't follow, you know what's next. And, and, that's not a threat, just saying. Have a happy defeated Monday, guys! As Petter Griffin would have put it.


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  1. Ooohh management issues. It pays to be patient. :)

    Cool ring! And I adore the sandals. Pero hindi ako binabagayan ng mga sandals na yan leche haha!

  2. And why is that? Maganda naman paa mo e! Speaking of shoes, may Ichigo shoes sa Greenhills and I think I saw a size 9 there! I'm just not sure if the style you're looking for is available. :)