Perfectly Lonely

Monday, December 13, 2010

I'd have to stay sorry for flooding almost all of my social networking sites with negative posts and nonsensical rants lately. I know people hate bad vibes but I just can't help it. Seriously, I need friends. So would you mind if I ask you to stick around and listen some more? If yes, thank you and a big hug. If no, screw you bitch!

Aside from the trouble at work, I'm also having boyfriend issues. Yeah, yeah, I know you'll say, "Of course she's having problems yet again!". But, I don't know. At 21, being in a relationship just feels complicated. I always wish we can just go back to college when everything was a lot easier, less complicated.

It also doesn't help that it's Christmastime, which is supposed to be a time for love and forgiveness, is just around the corner. I never hated Christmas, I never wanted to skip Christmas, it was my favorite holiday even if I don't get my wishlist every year. Well, more of even if I have to work for my wish list every year. But the Christmas songs and the decors just won't do this year. Top that with an argument I just had with my mom, we're not talking or anything. Phew, what one hell of a Christmas am I going to have.

After watching Glee's Christmas episode though, I wanted to have the same philosophy as Brittany. I may look stupid but that's fine, at least Christmas will still be magical for me. *sigh*

I can't remember the last time I had put in a rant on this blog for I promised to stay true to my mantra that I should never, ever had BV here in my blog. But I'm sorry I just have to. I know no one likes hearing bad news, what more if it came from someone that you don't really care about. At this point, I don't give a damn, I just want to let this all out 'cause my chest freakin' hurts. Getting drunk seems like the only way to go. So I'm going to do just that.

Again, for the nth time and hopefully, this, too, shall pass. Very sad smiley crying

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  1. Hello, hello darling! Don't worry, I don't find your whine-y blogs annoying. :) I have been through these phase, and probably fall back into someday. I mean, everything is but a cycle.

    I would have to agree that all these little drama too shall pass. Give it a week or month then everything will be back to normal.

    I also don't really like Christmas that much because I do ALL THE COOKING AT THE HOUSE FOR NOCHE BUENA THAT NO ONE WAKES UP FOR lol, but still, don't let the magic get away. Listening to Christmas music makes my heart warm and fuzzy. I'm sure you still haven't lost that feeling. :)

    Cheer up. :3

  2. I'll listen :) I love bits. I hope you and your Mom get to work things out soon. Keep your head up hun.

    And yes, I'm back on blogspot!

  3. Hi Len! I feel warm and fuzzy too when I listen to Christmas music that's why I frequent malls lately. For the Fairy lights and the music that is, because I don't have money for Christmas shopping. Haha!

    And it did pass, I just cooled down and relaxed for a week and the universe conspired and everything is now back into place.

    And, and I want to have a non-traditional Christmas! Like spend it in Baguio, but I'd have to dream on because for sure its not going to happen this year. Thank you for your thoughts, Lennypie! Btw, binebenta mo ba yung Lemon Squares mo? :)

  4. Ate Jan, welcome back! Yes, I was also able to talk things through with my Mom. Apparently, we were both stressed out so we had to have a heart to heart talk.

    And Happy Holidays to you and Ron, kelan kaya ako mapapadpad sa US para mabisita naman kita. Hahaha!

  5. Hi Och! Dropped by to see if you have new year's resolutions. I am creating one kasi, I want ideas from friends.

    Then I read this (too late). So sorry to hear this. Hope things get better soon. And! Consider me as a friend when you want someone to talk to. Also, this is your blog! Don't apologize for writing rants. You can write about anything you feel like writing. Cheer up!

  6. Ate Kai! Hi there, I don't have any resolutions yet, I don't think I will be having some for this year. All I want to have are goals because I keep on having the same resolutions over and over. Hehe

    And yes, everything is okay now. I love reading your blog because its soooo therapeutic especially when it comes to matter of saying goodbyes. I think you handled that one pretty good. And it helped me a whole loooot!

    See you around! :) And thank you! :)

  7. Sige babasahin ko kapag nakagawa ka na. Ang ganda naman ng blogspot header mo, pati yung sa tumblr mo. Turuan mo ako pano mo ginawa. At may signature pa talaga!

    Thank you for appreciating my blog. Hehe. Good to hear na nakatulong naman pala ako kahit papano. All in the past :)

    Buti ok ka na, at mukang ok na kayo ni hun bun. Godbless! Happy new year!

  8. Yessss, and in fact you influenced me with a lot of things! Sometimes I wonder if you're posts are sponsored posts! Haha I'm now using a L'oreal and I'm considering an iPod touch.

    I really wanted one before, but knowing that my boyfriend has one prevented me from buying my own. Pero ayoko na makishare! Haha

    Madali lang yang header thing na yan, amateur lang ako pero if you want to have a head start I can suggest youtube ka ng mga vids or google ka lang ng mga how-to. It's very easy. :)