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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Outtake

Okay, I don't know got to start because I've been inactive for quite sometime. Personal issues and new year blahs. Let me tell you about my new year first. It was the traditional celebration with the family, as an employee working for a "global" company, we weren't entitled to any of the holidays. I was on leave for Christmas though and I was "sick" on New Year. Just so I can spend the celebration of welcoming this supposedly lucky year for me. 

Bunny was almost supposed to spend the New Year with us because he was left home alone. Misunderstanding and miscommunication didn't allow us to push through with it. Sad, almost I know! Maybe this year.


I came home to La Pampanga at around 8 in the morning, and I was startled because of the massive crowd at the Terminal. I wasn't able to take a photo of how it looked like because it was so crowded! I didn't know if I was going to make it home in time because there was even a tent pitched for other passengers waiting for their turn. My only choice was to take it as a chance passenger. I tried to line up and use my charm, ended up sitting in front where the conductor is supposed to be seated. At least I didn't have to endure 1 1/2 hr standing. This same procedure I repeated come new year, there were also a lot of people, I even forgot to bring the BBQ which was supposed to be my contribution for the New Year! 

At Last

At home, I had to help at the store because we had a lot of customers and my siblings had to take care of the food. Where is house help when you're in dire need of one? So anyway, we got through the holiday with flying colors. More money for the  business and a healthy(and hopefully wealthy) family will be coming in 2011. 

In Conclusion

My grandma spent the Christmas with us, it was our 3rd or so but it was a first for Grampops to spend it here in the Philippines. And not to raise more assumptions, my Grandma(even if I don't like her that much) didn't marry Grandad so that she can work there and then send money here in the Phils. My Grandma was already working there when they met, my Grampops was a real sweetheart that's why my Gramma married him. She has  been a brit citizen since, but never sends money to us for help. Lulz. Enough back story. 

It was fun, wholesome and I gained a lot of weight! I cannot get over the holiday because it's so festive and I just feel like all my problems go away on Christmas. I also get all mushy during this time of the year. I know this is a late post but I don't care, when I'm old and wrinkly, I want to be able to read and see how fun the 2010 celebrations has been.

A photo of me and my sisters at the store with Santa's
hat! Neat, eh? (From eldest-youngest)

A sort of traditional filipino dessert care of my little sister, Nhey.
A bokeh from our Christmas tree
 Yes, I have a thing for bokeh's. You might be able to notice that in almost all of my albums. Meh.

Mom, Me and Kat
 Mom is pretty camera shy, I had to force her to smile on this one. She reasons that she is not fond of seeing herself this "ugly" and I'm like, no you're not. But she would always insist. You see my mom has been pretty skinny before so she was really frustrated when she became obese but she's almost over it. I love you, Ma!

Cousin in the background, Gramps and me!
 The first time my Gramps spent Christmas here in the Philippines, my cousin trying to sneak in the background and me wearing polka dots for good luck when it comes to money! Booyah to more money this 2011. The goal is to save, save and save!

My not-so-prefect bbq's!
 I wasn't aware of how to properly grill a bbq before, but oh look, my sister who is a pro taught me how and I can pretty much say I'm almost there! Haha! And this bbq's were actually marinated upon purchase. My mom bought them at Fresh Options and they're pretty good.

Polly and Nhey
I have pretty awesome sisters. Of course, we got it from our Momma. :)

How about you, how was the holidaze? Fill me in under the comments!


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