Santa Needs A Helping Hand

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I was supposed to post this ages ago, but oh well. I'm always fashionably late. I'd still want to share with you what I've had for my family. I shopped at Greenhills because the malls are too expensive for me, I can get my money's worth at Divisoria, but hell knows the money I'll lose out of snatchers and pickpockets is going to be the same worth as the ones I spent at Greenhills.

I got this pair of watch from Trinoma. Polly fancies wrist watch these days, so I got her 2 to shut her up. No, kidding. I got her a pair because I love her. :")

I also bought me a brand new spanking boring black belt because my pants are starting to loosen up. I don't know if I'm starting to lose weight or our laundry lady is washing our clothes too much. Meh, whichever.

I got this from a co-worker
I got this from the gift exchange at the office. The one that I picked was also the one who picked my name, how awesome is that. I got her a laptop pillow.

I got this for Mom. My present for dad was a magazine so I assume I need not take a photo of that. It was a magazine about motorcycles and he enjoyed it.

How about you, what did you have for Christmas?

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  1. how much are those cute watches! I've been obsessing over cute things lately! :P

  2. If I remember it correctly, the blue one was for P149.00 and the pink one is P199.00. They were on sale back then. :))