Happy Days Are Here Again

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hi, everyone! I'm back from a 2-week hibernation and I guess I ought to start the week right, even if it's just Sunday! As I have been on a huge fight with the boyfriend some 2 weeks ago, I decided not to blog about it publicly for during those moments is when I feel all stupid, young and juvenile so as to say things I don't really mean. I decided to talk it over with him and not just blog it like I used to for it doesn't resolve anything.

During our intimate talk, I told him that I don't like being ignored for I am that attention whore and I feel like I deserve all the attention now that he's just 1-2hrs away from me. Of course he understood, he always does. he also told me that we have different priorities as of the moment so we have to be mature and understand that we can't always be together. At first, I hated the fact that it has to be this complicated but of course, I now understand.

Now, enough of that emotional garbage of mine, here's a few of the splurges I made some weeks ago!

Hi, Oxfords!
Oxfords from Trunk Show
Knit jeans from Bench, size 27(ack!).

Top from American Blvd, Knit Jeans from Bench and Suede Oxfords, a gift from Bunny!
Me trying on my new pair of Oxfords with a black top and
my high-waisted skirt.
Okay, so I can't really say that my Knit Jeans were great because they don't flatter my litol butt as shown in the photo. But it does feel light and is good during rainy days for it dries up fast, you don't have to feel soaked all day. As for the Oxfords, I couldn't be more satisfied! An officemate saw the pair and she adored them but told me that the quality of shoes from Trunk Show is not really amusing. I have yet to see about that because this is the 1st pair I got from them.

So, Bunny will be arriving sometime soon so I better get ready. We will be having make-up sexy time, thank you long weekend but boo for the liquor ban, heh. 

Have a great weekend, folks!

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  1. Paul and I also went to Trunk Show last Friday. I was supposed to buy the oxfords flats right then and there but unfortunately they didn't have 1) the color that I like 2) my size. Soooooo...

    I went to this crazy ukay shop and found a better pair for 300 pesos, and the quality is ~italia (as paul would describe shoes which are of high quality). Hehe, share ko lang. I'll blog about it.:)

    But those oxfords heels looks might fiiiiine! I want one for my self. Although maybe I'll buy black ones. I call those shoes lady guard shoes because they wear these patent savvy looking shoes, I might actually approach one of them lady guards in mega and ask where they get it heehehehehe

    Have fun! :)

  2. And where is that crazy ukay shop?? I should tag along some time! Haha

    I was torn between this one and the black one, but since I originally wanted this pair, eto na talaga binili ko. Hehe I want the Flat oxfords, too. Kaso buying 2 at a time is not practical for me, medyo pricey pa naman sa trunk show!

    I'll look forward to your blog about the ones that you bough for P300! *drool*

  3. so ochi. you're enjoying life. hehe

  4. Hahahaha! Mos of the time, NO! Nataon ka lang sa post na ito! :p How are you, Ewik??:)