She Works Hard For The Money

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Hello, I'm back again! I just want to update you guys of the recent purchases that I've had. Remember that I've been saving up for something big come October? That was actually for a 3-day vacation in Vigan/Pagudpud/Ilocos Norte but due to unforeseen circumstances like my boyfriend forgetting that we both agreed to go there, I cancelled the reservation and therefore will be spending 3 consecutive days of paid vacation leave by my lonesome. I tried not to blog about it because it might get jinxed, but I'm getting a new philosophy now since it got jinxed anyway. So, here goes what I've spent my money on because of minor depression.

This is not really a splurge because I (or mom?) bought it
at a local store, and it was almost a courtesy from my mom.

I bought them at Ohrelle in SM North, they sell very cheap but sturdy and hot-lookin'
pumps, wedges and flats.

This pair is a spur of the moment purchase I had almost week-ending September. I as actually looking for a plain pair of black doll shoes and I spotted the pair with an unbelievable tag so I went home with this pair instead of some black flats.

A tripod, finally!
Yes, a tripod! Since I have been into into getting photos of myself on a daily basis to document my outfits, it has been rather a struggle for me to get a good angle and also to focus my photos. My baby boy is also kind of heavy so I get all nervous when I mount it into just any available surface. So, CD-R King's tripod was the solution, and did you know, Len also bought the same one, I think. Because I got mine for P250 too, just like hers. And PS, CD-R King is heaven sent when it comes to a lot of mechanical, electronic, etc. things. Just make sure you examine the product thoroughly because sometimes there really is a defect on the product upon purchase.

The box of my creamy Canon 50mm f 1.8 lens! *sigh*
Hello there lovely! 

Now I can guarantee that Canon is bound to make me happy! Hurray!
Yes! That's my new 50mm f1.8 lens, that's the most expensive splurge I've had so far, and I was really, really, really wanting to buy this lens for I know it'll be a good investment for my baby boy. So there, I have 2 more things but I haven't transferred the photos yet so I guess I'll keep them in queue until tomorrow.

For now, lull me into my deep slumber for I'm still broken-hearted and the person that I least expect to care for me is the one doing so, look at the bright side right? I therefore conclude that it is indeed true that even if you have a lot of money but you don't have that person to spend it with, it's totally f*cking useless. Goodnight, folks!


Happy 70th Birthday, Sir John Lennon! I don't like
you that much but google made such an awesome
job of liking you a bit more today.

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  1. HAHAHA! Yeah, we do have the exact same tripod! :) Damn, bibili na talaga ako sa Ohrelle na yan. Parisian shoes are kind of substandard. Try buying shoes in Payless Shoesource in Megamall. It is across Forever 21 :)

  2. Hahaha! I thought so, kasi nung nakita ko sa album mo na hawak ni Joey, kahit malabo yung mata ko feeling ko pareho talaga.

    Yes you should try Ohrelle, I'll try to drop by Payless Shoesource, too. I haven't been there so Imma check it out!