Owing It To Quaker Oats And Easy A

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Not for the movie but for the time when I can have a companion and watch this pretty darn movie! The unusual after-his-work-and-before-mine dates are getting quite old, I need a hold of time! This is UNACCEPTABLE.

Moving on from the work rant, because I can't help but feast on chicken and pork during lunch and dinner, I've decided to just cut off a bit on my breakfast and start the day with cookies (the healthy ones, of course)!

Thank God for Oatmeal cookies from Quaker
oats! I specifically love the Apple and cinnamon flavor!

I munched on a whole pack yesterday for I was having paycheck woes, for the nth time, we have a payroll dispute! It's been 5 months since the HR transition, when are you going to get it right? Gah. Can't rant too much about this matter though or I might end up in court defending myself.

How scattered are my thoughts right now? Hormonal maybe, I'm about to have my period. But thank you for Oatmeal cookies and Easy A for making this day a bit lighter. Happy Sunday!


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