21 Goes Vegan

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Or at least tries to. Since I can't work out before or even after shift because I am always tired, I had to opt for a different way on keeping my body healthy and free of fats, as I'm already experiencing the down side of not being able to exercise this early. I always feel heavy when I wake up, maybe because I oversleep a lot, but that is to compensate for the hard work I do when I'm awake. So, I came up with a plan to always eat veggies as much as I can, not strictly though, for if you must know, our office pantry doesn't offer much.

My mom taught me how to cook this recipe because this was the transition from me not liking vegetables, to me liking vegetables a lot, and she thought that would be a good start into patronizing veggie than meat.

I don't know what it's called but it has squash
and greens of some sort.
I had to learn how to cook this one in any case I'll have to leave home. In the middle of my wanting to eat more vegetables than meat phase came Burger King--on the way home. Darn it. Who can resist Burger King??
That's a very thinly sliced mouth-watering bacon inside.
Eat that together with fries and ketchup!
Cheating aside, this is my friend Dan's burger.
Sundae for dessert!

And, to top that up, I had another dinner date with Bunny and here is what I had:

Chicken Teriyaki, with green peas and carrots.

Oh well, for this time, or maybe until after Christmas or New Year, that's when I'll definitely go vegan. Or maybe when I get a new job and the list goes on. Oh meat, how can you be so irresistible??


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  1. The first photos is called dinengdeng, an Ilocano dish for stewed vegetable. I love the flower of the kalabasa! :) I miss eating veggies, too.

    And BK is my favorite burgers EVAAAAAR!!! Masarap yung Dutch apple piez nila <3

  2. Eto ba yung Dinengdeng?? Ansarap kaya, I really love it!

    I haven't tried the Apple Pie but I will since halos kapitbahay lang namin ang BK. Hello, fats! Haha